Friday, March 3, 2017


Happy Friday! Life has been so busy lately - but in the best possible way. I'm just thankful I've had a few weekends at home to relax and recoup before the craziness of these next months kick in! Over the next month, I have a big event, a friend's Bachelorette party, a bridal shower, and an out of town wedding so it's safe to say we'll be busy.

Life Lately:
+ Y'all, I have a new baby cousin and she is just the sweetest thing! My cousin Madison had her first baby on February 28th and I have fallen in love! I had the chance to go see Madison, her husband, and the baby in the hospital this week and snap a few pictures and she is just so perfect.

+ Pageant weekend is here! On Monday, I mentioned that I am involved in the North Carolina Azalea Festival Princess Pageant as the princess coordinator and I have also been responsible for part of production this year. I have been so ready for it to get here and see all of our hard work come together. Wish us luck!

Purchased Lately:
Marc Fisher Wedges | I have been wanting a pair of Marc Fisher wedges since last summer and finally decided to purchase them. I opted for the perforated version and they will be on repeat all spring and summer (and fall and winter because apparently it's sometimes 80 in winter). 

Oversized Top | Y'all, I am so ready for this cozy top to get here! I know I will be living in it and it'll be one of those things people will get tired of seeing.

Strappy Sports Bra | Barre clothes have become my new weakness! I see so many cute pieces when I'm at the Pure Barre studio but I can't always splurge on a $60 sports bra, so I've found a few comfortable options from Forever21. I can't wait for this one to get here. 

Oversized Tunic  | I've been needing more versatile tops for work & play and I think this one may do the trick! I love the length and can't wait to wear it.

Hydra Firm Cream | I have been having some skin troubles these days. No real breakouts or anything, but my T-zone has seemed a bit clogged (gross image, but #realtalk) and it seemed like my makeup's pigment was just clustering on my face. I desperately want my makeup to look like second skin, so I decided to try a few samples of this hydra firm cream. A few days of exfoliating and this cream has seemed to do the trick, but if you have any other tips, I am all ears!

Loving Lately:
We are officially in the season of Lent, and I have decided that this year I am going to really work towards giving up something that is hard for me and sticking with it. I absolutely love shopping and it has become a therapy for me, which is not a good habit to get in. I'll peruse my favorite online stores and next thing you know, four packages are being delivered that next week. As I get ready to enter this next season of my life, I want to be much more intentional with my spending and saving. I have become very caught up in our consumer environment and need a break from indulging. Don't get me wrong - I will always love shopping but I have got to learn to rein it in a little bit. 

Despite my shopping hiatus, I have still found a few things I would love to purchase - but just going to have to wait a few weeks and see if I still want them! And if you haven't already, check out the Resort 2017 tab to see some more amazing pieces! I'll take one of each.

- This one-piece swimsuit
- This leather hobo bag
- These tie espadrilles
- The Gray Malin Beaches book

Southern Style Lately:

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