Monday, February 20, 2017

February Florals

What a weekend! We had the most gorgeous weather in Wilmington and I spent a good part of it outside. It's safe to say the sun is strong enough in February to get a tan (and if I had stayed outside any longer on Sunday, I might have turned into a lobster.) All this warm weather has be more than ready for summer. It feels so nice to sit outside in the sun and not be freezing! It also gave me a chance to catch up on some reading I've been wanting to do.

Stephen and I also went to the Cape Fear Heart Association Heart Ball with a few of my coworkers. We had a great time getting all dolled up for a night out and it was great to participate in such a great cause. We also tasted cake for the wedding on Saturday morning - we decided on Whole Foods thanks to recommendations from some of you all and friends! It's safe to say the cake is delicious and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

I picked up this floral dress a few weeks ago from TJ Maxx and it's been perfect with the high and low weather we've been having. This past week, I paired it with navy tights and gray boots on a chilly day, but for this weekend, I paired it with just the boots for church and then once it was in the 70s, it was perfect with just booties. 

A good floral dress with sleeves is a great staple to have in the closet this time of year in the South because you never know what to expect with the weather. I walked out of the house one day last week with ice on my steps and all over my car, but it warmed up to the 60s that afternoon - crazy weather. Having a few good go-to options that can be paired with tights or worn without make for an easy transition to spring. 

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I mentioned before that Stephen gave me this clutch for my birthday almost 4 years ago, and it has held up so well! It's been in countless suitcases, to weddings, been stuffed full more often than not, and still looks this good. I told him just the other day that it's time for a new one, but not because it is out of shape - but because it needs my new initials!
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