Happy Monday! I'm drinking all the coffee this morning as I gear up for a busy week! Apart from the normal day-to-day at the store, my mom and I are headed to Atlanta later in the week. These first few days, I'm also participating in something we call "family retreat," which is where my extended family gets together for fun activities, dinners, meetings and togetherness. Tonight, we had a murder mystery dinner which was so fun! My team overthought it so much but we had the best time trying to solve the case. 

We carry a great line of swimsuits in the store and this cover-up is part of the newest delivery! I absolutely love how easy it is. The coastal stripes are perfect for the beach and I love anything that has a bit of fringe! I'm also sharing a few more adorable cover-ups, so keep reading to check them out!

Cheers to a great day and a great rest of the week! Enjoy!
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Few things beat a classic black maxi for summertime! I love that this one can so easily be dressed up or down! I wore it to my sister's graduation last weekend and received so many compliments on it and even had a few people ask me about it when we were shooting these photos! This one is from ZIA but there are so many great options out there!

I love that with a simple dress, you can add in some fun colors and texture. I've had these beaded necklace for quite sometime, and what's great about a strand of seed beads is that you can twist them into a knot for a little bit of a different look! I paired them with these block heels that are so incredibly comfortable. 

P.S. If you ever shop at ZIA, be sure to use the code SS15 for 15% off your purchase!

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True story: this is the first one-piece I've owned in years! I've had a hard time finding suits that I like on me! I also am weird about tan lines so I love a good strapless bikini. But now as the one-piece is making a comeback and there are so many cute options, I am loving giving the trend a try!

I snagged this one at Target over the weekend and can easily see it being a fun one to add to my go-to rotation! I love that it still has a little bit of the cutout detail that mirrors a cute bikini and the embroidery detail is really flattering in person. I will say that I don't love a suit that I can't remove the straps on or at least slip off (those tan lines...) but this is still a fun one!

Shop some of my fave one-pieces below!

How in the world has May come to an end?! May has always been one of my favorite months - it always really feels like spring and summer, it's my birthday month, and it always seems like something exciting is going on! I thought I'd start sharing a monthly recap of some of my favorite moments, purchases, posts, etc. Cheers to June!

My birthday and Memorial Day weekend were one of the highlights, solely because I spent so much time with family and friends. I loved spending a few days at the beach house and getting to see friends that I hadn't seen in awhile. 

It was also a great month at the store - we held a shopping-center wide fashion show that benefitted a great cause and I hosted a book signing with one of my favorite authors, Kristy Woodson Harvey. And the to top if off, I am able to write a sizable check to the ALS Association for our fundraiser for ALS Awareness in memory of my Nonny!

SS Posts:

  • This cutout maxi - I can't wait to wear it again! Loving the stripes and cutout details. See the post about it here
  • The comfiest pajamas  - I have been on a major pj kick lately! I can't stop buying them! These have sold out but come back in stock every so often but these are so comfy and are a great price point!
  • Urban Decay Naked Concealer - I purchased a trial size of this a couple of months ago and it has lasted so long! But in my last Ulta trip, I decided to go ahead and snag the full-sized version before I run out. Love this stuff. 

Other Favorites:
  • My Barrington Luggage - it is seriously the best! We've been going back and forth to the beach house lately and they are the perfect sizes for travel. I have the St. Charles Yacht Tote and the Captain's Duffle
  • Two Timing The Zones - it's my new favorite nail polish! I'm due for another mani and I think I'm going to get the exact 

Working Out
I've been in a very big workout rut lately - and have also been indulging on all of my favorite foods - which as you can imagine, has led to not the best results. At the beginning of this week, I committed to a changed eating lifestyle. It's not been easy this week because I'm craving all of the sugar and junk I've been living off of the last few months, but I've cooked more this week than I have consistently in awhile and I'm already feeling better now that I'm not constantly consuming junk food and hitting the gym! But if you have any great delicious recipes, I would love to see them!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'm excited to see what June has to offer!

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I always enjoy reading "day in the life" posts so I thought I'd share a little peek into what an average day is like as a retail store owner. Some days are more exciting than others but here's a little look into what a normal day that I'm in the store is like.

Alarm goes off. I will say that the benefit to working retail hours is that I don't always have to be at the office right at 8 or 9. I read a few emails in bed before eventually going downstairs to make a cup of coffee. Then, it's the normal getting ready routine of makeup and hair. 

I'm trying to get better about having a good breakfast before I'm out the door, so I make a couple of scrambled eggs before heading back upstairs to finishing getting dressed and grabbing Sophie to head out the door for the day. 

Hop in the car and head to ZIA! One thing I love about my store space is how close it is to my house. I loved my last job but I drove 45 minutes to an hour each way, so the 10 minute commute to the store is a great change. 

I don't always have meetings with reps at the store but I have gotten lucky that a few travel to Wilmington or are local! A lot of ordering I do in Atlanta or New York, but it is always great when I can see reps in store. One set up reps makes it super easy for me - they have an RV that they pull up outside the store, and I hop in to see upcoming seasons in some of my favorite lines. By 9:45am, I'm all done and head into the store to start the day. 

Doors open. By this time, we have the register ready, music on, and lights bright. A lot of times, the first hour of the store day is the slowest, so if that's the case, I stay in my office and catch up on emails as well as create Instagram content for the day. 

These next hours look different each day depending on a variety of things. If I'm the only one in, I'm mostly on the floor, working with customers, etc. If I have someone else working that day, then I try to stay put in my office, catching up on invoices, getting things into inventory, and emails. But ask the girls - I have a hard time staying in my office sometimes. 

12:00pm - 2:30pm
All the exciting times. I try to take my lunch but if not, I will often grab something from Epic Food Company, which is a few doors down in my shopping center. Then, a little after lunch, we can normally expect any packages to arrive. This is always fun as though I know a timeline of when things are coming in, it's often a surprise as to the exact day. We normally work on getting things unboxed, steamed, in inventory, and then out on the floor. 

2:30pm - 6:00pm
It's more of the same! There are absolutely no consistencies in retail. Some days, our afternoons are our busiest while this week, it's been our mornings. If I'm not working with our clients, then I am back in the office organizing or on the computer.

Time to say goodbye to the little store. Sophie is always ready to go by this time and is normally sitting by the door waiting on me. We will do a few store close-down things: closing out the shift, vacuuming, dusting. I normally will sit down to my computer one last time to make sure I'm set for the next day and then type out any notes if I'm not going to be in. 

Heading home! Or to dinner. Stephen and I are working on cooking more, but we do love eating out. We have several really great Mexican restaurants in the vicinity of the store and our house, so sometimes we'll meet there for dinner and drinks. Now that the days are longer, we'll sometimes meet at the beach to walk the loop with Sophie. 

Normally around this time, I'll hop back on the computer for a few minutes, whether it's to work on the next day's blog post or go through a few things for the store and prepare for the next day. 

Time for bed! I try to be in bed by 10, though it's rare that I fall asleep immediately! I have started taking some melatonin gummies (check out this post) which have helped in getting me relaxed! I browse through Insta (both the ZIA and my regular account) and catch up on any messages I missed before finally putting my phone down for the night. 

That's about it! Some days are very exciting - like when we're at market or having a big event at the store - but this is what an average day looks like! Want to know more? Just leave any questions in the comments!
I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! Memorial Day Weekend normally tends to fall on or around my birthday and this year, I got lucky that a lot of my friends were in town which made the weekend that much better. 

On Friday night, I went to dinner with my family, Stephen and one of my best friends - we had the best time and my husband and parents surprised me with a crossbody I had been wanting for forever! Such a fun birthday surprise. I worked the store on Saturday but finished up the evening with a great dinner downtown with some of my best friends at one of my fave sushi spots, Yosake. Fun fact: I do not really like "true" sushi but they have an incredible veggie roll that I am in love with! We went out for a few drinks after and it's safe to say I stayed up way later than I have in forever. Sunday was spent on the boat - so even though it has rained all day Monday, it was such a fun few days!

For dinner on Saturday, I knew I wanted a fun maxi to wear. I don't shop all that much anymore because I have the store, but as much as I love what we carry, we just didn't have the maxi I didn't even know I was looking for. When I stumbled across this one, I knew it was the perfect option for not only this weekend but for summer! The cutout is a little lower than what I normally wear, but I think it's such a fun option for this warm weather!

Though this weekend was incredible, it does not sit lightly that the reason we have a three-day start to summer is all to do with those who sacrificed their lives. Though I personally have not lost anyone while they served our country, I know a few people who have, and I can only imagine how hard this weekend is for them. We are most certainly the land of the free because of the brave. 
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