Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wedding Guest Dresses

If you're like me, you may have quite a few end-of-summer and fall weddings coming up on your calendar! This summer has been fairly quite for us wedding-wise, but we're excited for some of our friends who are getting married in September and October!

I often get quite a few questions as to what good options are for weddings this time of year! This dress is probably my most favorite dress I've ever worn to a wedding as a guest - I've shared it countless times but you all still love it! The great thing about dresses is that oftentimes, they can transcend across several wardrobe classifications. I wore the above dress to a 5:30 church wedding and country club reception (formal/cocktail) but I would have made it work for a black tie event as well. I've broken down a few dress code options and a few beautiful dresses I have my eye on.

For a more casual wedding, these are some beautiful options.

Formal/Black-Tie Optional:
From personal experience, formal/cocktail is the most commonly-chose dress code for a wedding. t's what our dress code was as well. I also find that for women, formal and black-tie optional also tie in together pretty well. 

Black Tie:
I love any excuse to wear a long dress, so though a formal cocktail dress is appropriate nowadays for women for black tie weddings, I love any reason to wear a long one! Check out the white-tie section for a few more great options.

White Tie:
The most dressy occasion of all! For a white-tie event, a long gown would be the most appropriate selection. 

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