Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bloopers + Getting Real

Can't stand up straight. 
top | vest | heels 

Is it just me, or are about 75% of your photos "blooper" worthy? There are some shoots that we do for Southern Style that result in a multitude of great photos, but there are others that seem to produce nothing great. Maybe my hair doesn't look quite right, I'm standing in a strange way, or my dress is wrinkled. In others, I'm just making a crazy face, whether it's accidental or on purpose. It seems like at least one photo at the end of each is of me making a ridiculous face, signaling that we're done.

I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself lately, especially with this blog. I have certain goals that I've set for myself - a certain number of page views, working with particular brands, reaching a certain amount of Instagram followers. While I think these goals are important in terms of how I want to see this blog grow, it's also created an amount of self-inflicted pressure to always capture the right photo, to wear the perfect outfit, and the like. I've also been putting immense pressure to create Instagram worthy photos - whether taken with my DSLR or snapped quickly before dinner. Though it's nice to live in a world of pretty, that's not actually the real world - at least not every single day.

So today, I'm sharing the bloopers - the moments captured but never shared. Most involve a ridiculous face, a reaction to something Stephen has said, a laugh that I don't think is blog-worthy. But today those moments are shared and today, I'm thankful for each of those.

The stop the photos, someone is coming, I look ridiculous anyway face. 

 Andddd that's a wrap for this set.

 I'm trying to be serious but I can't.

 Please don't make me stand in the straw. Because that's totally unnatural. But taking blog photos in a doctor's office parking lot isn't...

Hurry! Someone's spotted us! 

What should I do with my hands? And my legs? And my...face?

 Blurry AND swatting bugs. Cute.

Would you look at that? Cue this video.

The End.
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