Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Nursery Favorites One Year In

It feels like yesterday that I was setting up Virginia Parker's nursery, and yet here we are almost 15 months in! I was doing some cleaning and organizing today, packing up clothes, and restocking diapers and as I looked around, I realized so much of her room is still the same. We've of course adapted to our current needs, especially with drawer organization and things like that, but we are still using and enjoying so much of what we first had in the initial nursery design!

Crib - We chose this crib and we've really ended up enjoying it. It's a convertible crib so we can turn it into a toddler bed eventually should we choose to do so, but for now, it's on the lowest level and perfect for our busy girl. We still love our Newton mattress as well and she seems to sleep great in this setup. 

Wicker Stroller - This was a precious gift when I was pregnant and VP loves it! It stores some of the toys in her room and she now loves to push it around as well.

Lellobaby Changing Station - We repurposed my old dresser with new hardware and added this acrylic changing area to the top and it has been absolutely perfect. It has a large place for her changing pad and we keep all of her lotions, wipes, etc. in the side compartments. Eventually, we'll pack it away and just use the dresser as that, but for now we continue to love this. 

Acrylic Drawer Dividers - VP's drawers used to be stuffed full as we had so many gowns and onesies and these dividers were absolutely necessary! Now, her drawers mostly hold pajamas as I hang most of her clothes, but these dividers are still used to keep the small clothes organized in neat sections!

Wicker Toy Box - I initially ordered this thinking it would go in the bottom of her closet but it just didn't work. Instead, it sits in the corner of her room and stores toys we don't regularly play with or items that are new. It's a great storage option for all of the baby things.

Glider - While having a white glider is definitely a risk (and ours has a few spots to prove it), I have really enjoyed our glider. VP very much loved to be rocked most of her first year, and I have rocked many hours in that chair. We still use it every day for story time and cuddles. I will say that the gliding feature is wonderful but I don't love the reclining option - it doesn't stay reclined well which wasn't helpful in some of those sleepless regression nights - but it's not enough of a pain for it to be a dealbreaker!

Storage Baskets - The key word here seems to be storage! We have lots of these in her closet (you can check out more nursery organization here) and they proven to be necessities. We have both the square and the rectangular baskets and use them for a variety of things. 

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