Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Fun + One Month

I had such an incredible weekend with my mom, Nonny (grandmother), and sister! Though I love going home, it was so much fun having them up here at my home away from home. We ate way too much food (so good), explored a few new places, and as my sister says, shopped until we dropped.

Amazingly enough, it has officially been one month since I moved to my new little home. I was hoping that by now I would have a full post of pictures to show you, but I've been slightly OCD about this apartment -- and it's not yet finished . . . I'm still looking for the perfect desk (which I think I've found but have to order) and a bedside table (which my mom has purchased, but it's at home). Once I have these, I'll be good to go -- until I find something else I "need." 

I don't want to post photos of my entire apartment until everything is semi-perfect, but . . . for now, check out these fun pieces and some of my favorite details of my apartment!

      I found this fun piece at a store called Black Lion. I've driven past it at least 15 times since I've been up here but never knew what it was! I was so glad I stopped in -- a large store filled with tons of vendors!
How adorable is this seahorse? I was in love from the moment I saw it!

My mom and grandmother came across the pair of these and they definitely are a perfect fit! I am currently using one of my side tables as a bedside table until I get my real one here, so the other lamp doesn't have a home, but I can't wait to see them together! (Also, see that little starfish? My parents brought that little hand-carved jewel back to me from Jamaica!)

You can't see the whole wall just yet, but it was a hard one to decorate! It is between two windows with another piece of wall nearby . . . and I just couldn't find the right piece to fit here. But I found this today, and I fell in love!

Fun note: Aside from the fish, the other three items are from Home Goods! I am obsessed.

I can't wait to update with the finished product -- but these will do for now!

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