Wednesday, March 10, 2021

2nd Trimester Recap

In so many ways, I feel like I just found out I was pregnant and it's so crazy that we are heading into the final 12 weeks of pregnancy! I am so ready to meet our precious girl so I keep having to remind myself to slow down and enjoy these last weeks with just Stephen and me - and we still have a lot to do so I need to get going on some projects!

This trimester has been fun and also challenging - the nausea from first trimester has gotten so much better. I have more energy which has been super helpful with getting things done in the nursery. But I also developed severe pelvic pain that was so uncomfortable I thought something was wrong! Thankfully, it's a semi-normal side of pregnancy, I just have a more extreme variety of the pain. One of my favorite things about second trimester is how much I can feel baby girl move. It is so special and makes me absolutely love being pregnant. 

*I started this post back in February but never finished (pregnancy brain!) - sharing this post halfway through my third trimester, but better late than never!

What are some clothing staples to purchase for going into the 3rd trimester?
  • Spanx Leggings - I lived in the Spanx maternity leggings through winter! I bought them early on and didn't love them, but the bigger my belly got, the better the leggings were! I would definitely recommend if you are pregnant through fall or winter. 
  • Amazon Leggings - I had a pair of these pre-pregnancy and ordered a second pair in January (and should probably go ahead and get a 3rd!). These fit much like the Lululemon Align. They have a buttery feel and great stretch so I've been able to wear them consistently! 
  • Ribbed Dress - I got this dress from the shop pre-pregnancy and it's been a staple! I know I'll probably wear it on up until when she's born (and after she's here, too!). 

What have your cravings been?
I've been on a serious white grape juice kick. Stephen finally suggested I get the low-sugar version because I was drinking so much of it ha! I also really love cereal. 

How are you dealing with the pelvic pain?
This is a work in progress. My doctor suggested physical therapy so I've been doing that once a week. My physical therapist confirmed the diagnosis of SPD or symphysis pubis disfunction (pelvic girdle pain). It's no joke and has definitely made pregnancy a lot harder but PT has helped. I also take pilates once a week and my instructor is very aware of the pain and works to provide exercises that are supportive. I wear an SI belt if I'm walking or doing house work and other than that, I'm just trying to take it easy!

Any feedback for round ligament pain?
I get round ligament pain occasionally but it's been so overshadowed by the SPD that sometimes I don't think I even notice it! The very first time I got round ligament pain, I was stretching and had a quick shooting pain. It was a little scary because it was unlike anything I've felt before but I sent a text to a second time pregnant mama and she confirmed that all was well. I don't really have any feedback other than that I have experienced it! Sometimes it's worse than others! Hang in there!

I'm registering and overwhelmed with all the decisions! Swing, high chair, bassinet?
Who knew a baby could use so many things?! I was overwhelmed as well but ultimately sent my registry list to several mama friends who broke down things that they felt I would love or maybe didn't need. They also suggested some "must-haves" based on their own little ones. At the end of the day, every baby is different so I just went with my gut and we'll see what she likes when she gets here! We did register for a swing and high chair. While there are some amazing bassinets out there, we skipped that one as we have an heirloom bassinet that my grandmother used for my mom, and then my mom used it with us as well. Can't wait to have that in our room!

Do you have acid reflux?
YES. This really ramped up around Christmas, to the point that my chest almost felt bruised! Tums helped in the beginning but that's usually just a quick fix now. I can't seen to find a pattern with what gives me heartburn - sometimes just drinking water puts me in terrible pain! I called the triage nurse and she recommended taking Pepcid - this has been a big game changer for me!
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