Thursday, May 10, 2018

101 in 1,001 Update

It's been quite a few months since I shared an update on my 101 in 1,001 list - but what's crazy is that I'm only 5 short months away from finishing my 1,001 days! I still have quite a few things left to cross off my list, but I have checked off items here and there and have a couple more in progress!

70. Go to NYC with Stephen
We technically went with my whole family, but Stephen and I went to New York City right before Christmas and had a blast. It was his first time in NYC, and it was so fun doing some exploring!

80. Have a staycation
I feel like we do this in a way each summer, but this past weekend, Steve and I stayed at our beach house just the two of us and it really felt like we were on vacation. We had no plans and truly just lounged like we would have if we were vacationing! Read about that here.

82. Host a dinner party
We had the pleasure of hosting our friends this past December for our Christmas supper club! Nothing quite speeds up house projects like hosting your friends. 

In progress:
9. Organize another fundraising event for the ALS Association - May is ALS Awareness month so in a couple of weeks, we will be holding a fundraiser at ZIA

11. Redo my (it is now our) bedroom - this is definitely a work in progress but one I am slowly but surely conquering. We bought new bedside tables but are using furniture that each of us already had, especially since we are still in a rental. The photo in this post is the latest on the bedding - and Sophie unable to keep her eyes open ;)

48. Find 15 new blogs to read - another one of those that I'm quite certain I've completed but I just haven't made a note about what new blogs I've checked out. I come across new bloggers daily on Instagram and while social media is great, I love visiting their websites to learn more about them. 

89. Read at least 40 new books - I know I've read more than what's below in the last couple of years because I fly through books, but I'm the worst at keeping track of them! These are the ones I know I've read so far. 

  • The Magnolia Story
  • Me Before You
  • The One and Only
  • Lies and Other Acts of Love
  • Silver Girls
  • The Rumor
  • Everyone Worth Knowing
  • Pink Lies
  • The Identicals
  • First Comes Love
  • Here's to Us
  • Beautiful Day
  • The Secret to Southern Charm

95. Read a Royal Family memoir - this one is semi-in progress. I was at the bookstore last week and saw several, but they were all about Harry and Meghan. And while I love them, I wouldn't mind reading more of an overview of the whole family. Any recommendations?

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