Monday, January 1, 2018

Goals for 2018

Happy New Year! This last year was one for the books, that's for sure. And as I reflect on this last year, I've also been working on  has been one for the books, that's for sure, and I'll be sharing some of my favorite moments of 2017 next week. 

Though all of 2017 was undoubtedly unforgettable, there are a few moments that truly take the cake! Here's a look at my Top 5!

1. Getting married - this, of course, was the best moment ever. After almost 7 years of dating, Stephen and I said I do in front of our wonderful family and friends. 
2. Opening ZIA - There are days I walk into the store that I am still amazed that it is in existence. 
3. Watching my best friends get married - over the course of the summer, three of my girlfriends from Meredith College got married, and it was such an exciting season sharing that with them. 
4. Friends moving home - My friend Sarah, whom I've known since high school, lived in OKC for the last few years as her husband was in med school there. They got the exciting news that he would be completing residency here in our hometown, so they moved back over the summer.
5. All the love - this is a generalized one, but over the course of the last 12 months, I've felt a kind of love and support that is rare. I look at each of my friends and family and count my blessings that God put them in my life. 

Over the last few weeks, I've been reflecting on goals for the new year and how I can better improve in different areas of my life.  I don't really want to call them resolutions, but these are things that I've thought long and hard about and need to put more energy into. 

Personal /
Oh, those personal goals. In a way, the categories below all loop back to this one, but these are some things I need to work on individually. 

+ Organization and donating/throwing away unused items
+ Slowing down
+ Saving $
+ Work on my 101 in 1,001
+ Purposeful dates with Stephen
+ Travel
+ Planning enough to create an productive day but not so much that I limit myself for unexpected opportunities
+ Make time for reading

Ever since we got married, I've let my health take a little bit of a backseat. As we led up to the wedding, I was walking at least 3 miles every day, had cut back on my sugar and bread intake, and was drinking a ton of water. On our honeymoon, we of course ate and drank everything we wanted, and I continued that trend when we got back home. I think I've eaten more pizza in the last 4 months that I normally do in a year! With opening the store, I had lost the motivation to cook when I got home, and Stephen and I also love dining out, so we eat out way too much. Ultimately, your body will only give you what you are willing to put in, so making these things a priority is a must.

+ Gym 4 times a week
+ Cook 3+ times a week
+ Pack lunch more often
+ Go to bed earlier

Business / 
Opening a store has been a major part of 2017. With that has come a lot of happiness and reward but also stress and internal turmoil. I've doubted myself a lot as a business owner and want to take those doubts and turn them into a plan for success. Brick and mortar retail is a hard road to journey on, but I'm excited to see where 2018 takes us. 

+ Boost online sales
+ Switch up the layout of the store
+ Learn better strategies for buying for the store
+ Attend more networking events

Blog / 
This blog is 5 years old, which is so crazy. It has certainly seen its ups and downs and has taken a back seat these last few months. I have so much I would love to write about, so it's all about finding that balance. 

+ Get back on a consistent blog schedule
+ Increase Instagram engagement (if that's even possible with these crazy algorithms) 
+ Update media kit and boost collaborations

Do you make goals or resolutions? If so, what is on your list?
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