Friday, January 6, 2017

Goals for 2017

When it comes to a new year and resolutions, I don't necessarily make them. But what I do think is great about a new year is that it's a fresh start. I've certainly set goals for the new year, and though some are general (like get in the shape for the wedding), I'm trying to set more tangible goals that I can really set out to accomplish.

Scheduling my workouts
Working out is at the top of my priority list for this new year. Between the holidays and a crazy work schedule, I put working out on the back burner for the last two months of 2016. It left me feeling cranky and lethargic, and I realized I can't get back to that again. I have started scheduling workouts into the schedule I use every day for work so I can actually visualize them, plan ahead, and make intentional decisions for my on and off days. 

Pure Barre 4 times a week
As a secondary to the above, I am going to really make an effort to make it to Pure Barre at least 4 times a week. I have been on the unlimited plan for months, but in December, I attended 5 classes total. 5! Because I want to make it to the 250 barre class goal, I need to make it a priority to spend 55 minutes of my day at Pure Barre at least 4 times a week. 220 minutes out of the 5,040 minutes that are in a week? That should certainly be doable.

Desk cleaning
This may seem silly, but my desk is always a mess. I can tidy it up at the beginning of the week, but by Friday, it's a cluster again. I'm such an out-of-sight, out-of-mind person so I keep papers on my desk until that project is completed, but I need to make a valiant effort to come up with a better system.

Travel to a new state
We have a bit of traveling in the books for this year with all the weddings we have on the calendar, but I would love to travel to a place we've never been!

Set up my office
I have an office space at my house that I've never really set up. I was starting to make progress when our house had a major leak, so the junk room turned into an even junkier room. I have been working on decluttering, but I'm the worst at getting rid of things! I need to clean up and clean out, purchase a bookshelf, and hang some things on the walls.

Cross things off the 101 in 1,001 list
I've slowly but surely been working my way through my 101 in 1,001 list but I really want to be more intentional and mindful of some of the goals I have set.  I started this list almost exactly a year ago and have a little less than two years left. It's fun to look through it every so often and cross off the things that have been accomplished.

Save junk food for the weekends
When my business picked up, I started neglecting some of the healthier habits I had been working on. I think it's healthy to splurge on a cookie or a delicious plate of pasta but not every single day, so I'm going to put more effort in eating healthy throughout the week and saving my cheating meals for the weekends - hello margaritas and tacos.

Unplug before bed
This will be a tough one for me but instead of checking out Snapchat or Insta, I want to start dedicating 30 minutes or so of reading, journaling, or just relaxing. I love catching up on what I missed during the work day, but I can think I'm checking Instagram for just 5 minutes and still be checking 45 minutes later... so unplugging and preparing for the next day is a goal for this new year.

What are your goals for 2017? Do you make resolutions? Happy Friday - and fingers crossed we get a little snow at the beach this weekend!
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