Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Getting To Know You


Hello, Wednesday! I'm happy to see ya (though I'll be even happier to see my friend Friday, if I'm being honest). I even woke up Tuesday morning thinking it was Saturday, so you can imagine my dismay when I realized I did, in fact, have to wake up with my alarm. 

I've seen so many fun posts that are aimed at getting to know readers, and I would love to know more about some of the gals (and guys) who visit Southern Style each week. I'd love for you to comment the answers to the questions below!

Favorite flower?
Your must-watch fall TV show.
Your must-have piece for fall.
Where you would go if you could go anywhere tomorrow.
Something on today's to-do list.

My own answers:

Favorite flower? Peonies! Hands down.

Your must-watch fall TV show. Grey's Anatomy! I was a little late to the game with this show but I've been all caught up since last season and I can't miss an episode.

Your must-have piece for fall.  I didn't have any distressed black jeans for fall, so these were a must-purchase for this year.

Where you would go if you could go anywhere tomorrow. This is a tough one! But probably Greece. 

Something on today's to-do list. Yikes! Too many things, but trying to finalize the wedding guest list.
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