Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Weekend Snaps

Happy Tuesday! It's always tough for me to get back into a routine after a long weekend, especially one that is so jam-packed. It was a wonderful 3 days, so I wouldn't change it for anything, but it's safe to say I've already had Red Bull, coffee, and almost run out of gas to start out this work week. Yikes!

Saturday morning started off with a massage (hallelujah!) from my favorite masseuse in Wilmington. If you're looking for recommendations in Wilmington, let me know! I met my friend Katie for a pedicure afterwards, and then we spent the rest of the morning and afternoon in the water with our friends before it was time to get ready for the wedding. We celebrated Sky and Kent with a waterside wedding and reception at Airlie Gardens and it was absolutely beautiful! So excited for this sweet friends. 

On Sunday, Stephen and I went on the boat with my family from my parents' over to the beach house, and we lounged in the water for a good portion of the afternoon. We then went to dinner with one of Stephen's best friends and his girlfriend and had such a great time. And for Monday? Breakfast at The Toastery followed by more water time at the beach house. And of course, the weekend wasn't complete without burgers + hot dogs and sparkers + fireworks. It was so relaxing sitting on the dock at my parents' and seeing fireworks in almost every direction.

We did try writing with sparklers, and it took a few trys and a variety of camera settings but we finally had a few work! Cheers to a wonderful weekend - and here's to kicking off a productive work week!

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