Monday, July 11, 2016


Happy Monday! This week is certainly off to a stormy start, which makes it hard to get going on a Monday, but there's a lot to do on the calendar so here's to hoping it's a productive one. It's been awhile since I shared Instagram and life updates, so today, I'm talking about some recent changes and some of live's recent happenings. 

I don't talk too much about my day job - though I love blogging and treat it like a job, I also work full-time for The Village at River Landing. River Landing is a residential and golf course community that also has businesses that surround it, and it's located in Wallace, NC, about 40 miles outside of Wilmington, where I live. I was hired to run the Custom Home Program, which means I work with property owners and builders to set up timelines, gage when people will build, and facilitate the process.

Prior to working for River Landing, I worked in marketing and advertising as an account executive. In the last few weeks, I've transitioned into the marketing manager role in addition to my Custom Home responsibilities, so it's safe to say I've been crazy busy, but loving each minute. I am also doing more graphic design for the companies, which has been a fun learning process for me. I spent a good part of my childhood growing up in River Landing, it's where my grandmother lived before she passed away, and it is a family company, so it's fun to see it continue to grow. 
Back in March, I had the privilege of taking surprise proposal photos for my BFF Hillary, and a few weeks later, I took engagement pictures for them. Hillary and I met the first day of kindergarten, went to school together until I moved to Wilmington, and then ended up as suite-mates in college - and we've been very close ever since. I received this sweet card in the mail and can't wait to stand beside her as she marries Allen in July 2017!

At the end of June, another one of my best friend Sarah came home from Oklahoma. She and I first met our freshman year of high school and we've been friends ever since. She went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill while I went to Meredith College, and she and her husband got married and moved to OKC right after we graduated, but we are still very close. I am so thankful for a friendship that can span many years and thousands of miles.

We've also spent quite a few weekends at weddings as of late! Since June, we've had three beautiful weddings and all in different locations. I've always loved weddings, and it's so special to witness friends marry the loves of their lives. 

This past weekend, we went to Richmond for #LivesayHookedaSalmon. (Aren't wedding hashtags so fun?!) I grew up with Whit and met Lauren in college, and most all of our friends from college made the trip to RVA to celebrate, so it was a fun weekend. I've also never spent much time in Richmond - the downtown area is so cute and full of history, so I would love to go back.
This handsome boyfriend of mine - I've found quite the catch.

The beautiful bride! Such a wonderful wedding!
Unplanned twinning with my best friend. Not that I'm surprised on this one. We were getting ready for the wedding in our hotel room and just started laughing when we realized how similar our dresses were.
This group of gals - I feel so thankful to have friends like these. When I went to Meredith my freshman year, I had no idea how blessed I would be when it came to friendships. Love my Angels.
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