Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Luxe for Less

Though there are certainly pieces I am willing to splurge on - think long term, less trendy - I often try to find a more budget-friendly alternative, especially if it is something I'm not going to use very often. My LV handbag was most certainly a splurge, but I've used it every single day since I made the purchase and see it lasting a very long time. A pair of Rockstuds, however, I don't think I could splurge on. Their absolutely beautiful but also ultra-trendy, so if I were going to spend the extra money, it would probably be for a more classic pair of heels. Want the look but not the price? That's where these look-alikes come in and for less than $100. Another great piece for less? Though I love this J.Crew cable knit hat, there's another version I like as much if not more - and for significantly less! 

One of the biggest compliments I receive is on these F21 black over-the-knee boots. The faux suede leather gives off a much more luxury feel than their $45 price tag, and they look so similar to these Stuart Weitzman beauties. I've come across quite a few pieces lately that give off a luxurious vibe but for a fraction of the cost. Check out these wallet-friendly pieces - which would make great gifts as well. 

luxe for less

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