Friday, May 9, 2014

Summertime 5

I am loving this gorgeous weather. With highs hitting 90 yesterday, I'm pretty sure we skipped spring and went straight into summer. I'm not complaining one bit. Sunny days and hot temperatures make for one happy girl here. 
I'm heading to beautiful Wilmington this weekend to spend time with my sweet family and SW -- I couldn't be more ready!

one // Happy Mother's Day to my gorgeous mama -- isn't she beautiful?! So thankful for such a wonderful mom who is also my best friend. Happy Mother's Day to my sweet grandmothers too -- and all you mamas out there!

two // Mama and I will be spending much time outside, whether permitting. There are few things that make me happier than being out by the pool at home. So, we might have to give this drink recipe a try! Perfect for the gorgeous warm weather.

three // My baby pup turns 3 on Monday! I love my little Soph so much. She is the most spoiled, baby-ish dog ever, but she's the sweetest thing, too. Pupcakes for her this weekend! P.S. If you're loving this print, you should check out Pretty Sweet Life. She's brilliant!

four // At my little apartment, I'm lucky to have a porch, but I don't really decorate it other than my table and chairs as no one can really see it. However, I'm loving this gorgeous Southern decor. How perfect.

five // SW accepted a new job and moved back to his hometown last week. This was his first week, and I am very proud of him! Missing him so much -- but so excited to spend time with him this weekend. And to be on the water, too!

Cheers to a perfect weekend! Hope it's wonderful.

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Congrats to Christina on the arrival of sweet baby Caroline and fingers crossed for a 5/9/14 delivery for April!
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