Monday, May 12, 2014

Dog Days

dress: Julie's Boutique / flops: Tory Burch / bracelet: David Yurman / necklace: c/o Blue J Beads
My little pup is 3 today -- all 3 pounds of her! I know she is a dog, but she has brought so much joy. I got her when I was still in college, and she's been my roommate ever since. When I first moved up here and SW was in Arkansas, she was pretty much the only thing I had. Granted, she can't talk, but she's still great company.

Sophie also the biggest diva. She pretty much controls my life -- that's my own fault, I suppose. She scratches her food and water bowl if either of them doesn't have as much as she wants, she taps various items with her paw when she wants to go out, she barks at me when I put my shoes on so I don't forget her, and if my bag is lying on the floor, she puts herself in it so she'll be ready to go whenever I am. She also packs her toys, might I add, if I am packing a bag for the weekend.

That little pup also loves Wilmington and the water. She loves the pool and I really think her favorite place is the dock. I had a mild panic attack this weekend, as I had walked inside for a minute before returning to the pool. My mom and sister were still outside, but in that quick minute, we lost her. I looked everywhere. Front yard, back yard, even the neighbor's yard -- our yard is fenced in, but she's figured out that she can slip through the gate. 

After freaking out calmly looking for her, I spotted that white fluffy tail blowing on the breeze on the floating dock. And she promptly ignored my calls. That's Sophie for you. She would sit out there and look at the water all day if I let her. She's her mama's pup for sure -- a beach gal at heart.

Happy Birthday to my tiniest fluff ball!

"A dog is the only thing on earth that love you more than you love yourself." -- Josh Billings

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