Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Get Glo Fab

Warm weather is here, and if you're like me, you are ready for that sunkissed glow. I live for the summertime, and already I have made it a priority to spend time out in the sun. This year, however, with working full time and a lack of a summer break, only the weekends are allowing me to get that glow I so want. 

Lucky for me, Karora Cosmetics is helping me keep my tan all the time! I have tried all kinds of tanning -- tanning beds, spray tans, sprays at home, tanning moisturizers, tanning wipes -- you name it. As of late, I'm trying to stay out of the tanning bed and really protect my skin, and Karora is helping me do that with their sunless tanning system.

The first time I tried the Karora Express Bronzing Mousse, I was a little bit hesitant. I had to go to work the next day and I was hosting a bridal shower that weekend, so I was nervous that it wouldn't turn out the way I had planned. Quite the opposite! I used the bronzing mousse, went to sleep in loose-fitting pajamas, and took a shower the next morning, lightly washing. The effects were wonderful! I received so many compliments on my tan, and my glow was all thanks to the Karora Express Bronzing Mousse.

The bronzing mousse is very lightweight and easily applied with the accompanying mitt. It rubs on easily and smoothly, leaving an even finish.

Tips and Tricks:
- I left the mousse on overnight, as I do with spray tans, but I also have a darker olive-complexion. The result was just as I had hoped, but that length of time may not work for everyone. It is an express system, so one hour before showering is plenty to give you a nice glow.
- If you want to sleep in your tan like I did, shower and shave beforehand. Because it is a product that you are sleeping in, it is not like going to sleep right after a shower, but having a clean surface to work with certainly helps and also helps you sleep better.
- Rub in thoroughly! I decided to do an impromptu tan one evening and woke up with streaks on my legs! This is not something you rush through. The first time turned out perfectly, so it was not the product, but instead my application technique. Be thorough and take your time when applying.

Because I'm trying to implement a good skin care regiment, I don't allow much sunlight on my face. My nose freckles very easily, so I layer on the SPF, sometimes using as much as 60 SPF or total block. Because of that, my face is already a completely different color than my face, and it's only the beginning beach season. I love it when my face is tan because I wear less makeup, so the bronzing mousse is perfect for helping my face match my glow. 

If the commitment of self-tanner isn't for you, Karora also offers several other amazing products: CC Cream, Gradual Tan, and a washable Instant tan, among a few others.

The Skin Sensation CC Cream: The perfect CC Cream! I'm a huge fan of these, and Karora does not disappoint. It works great both under makeup and on itself. Perfect for a beach day! Please note: this cream does not contain sunscreen.

The Golden Girl Gradual Tan: Similar to a tanning moisturizer, this product builds over time. The first application will give you a gentle glow, and the more you use, the more your tan grows. This is another great option to keep my face matching the rest of my body's skin color.

The Glow Glamster Instant Tan: This product gives you a tan as soon as you apply! Though water resistant, this product can also come off with soap and water. Perfect for a night out, and washable for the next day!

If you are looking for a new tanning system, I would highly recommend Karora! The award-winning Irish brand is available online or at an Ulta near you!

This product is sponsored by Karora Tan, but all opinions are my own!

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