Monday, April 14, 2014

Showers & Soirees: Kitchen Bridal Shower

To say that we had a great time at the bridal shower this weekend would be an understatement. It was such an easy and fun morning, and my cousin Madison was a stunning bride-to-be, of course. Along with gifts for her kitchen, guests brought recipe cards filled with great dishes and desserts to share with Madison. The great thing is that her hubby-to-be loves to cook, too, so they are fully prepared for the kitchen that they will soon share. The brunch was filled with laughter and love, great toasts and advice, sweet sentiments, wonderful recipes, and incredible gifts. Cheers to Madison!

Tips for Hosting a Bridal Shower:
  • Pick A Theme | No, this doesn't have to be cheesy. In this case, Madison had quite a few things on her registry for their kitchen, so we decided a kitchen shower would be perfect.
  • Make It Personal | Handwritten recipe cards are something treasured by so many brides, so we sent out invites that included recipe cards (like these adorable ones) so that each guest could bring one for her personalized recipe box.
  • Favors That Count | Shower favors don't have to be over the top, as that can get very expensive. Choose something simple, like a mason jar filled with jam or goodies, as it can easily be reused as a household item. 
Menu: Quiche / Fresh Fruit / Breakfast / Potatoes / Cornbread Muffins / Cake Pops / Cupcakes

Centerpieces: Mason Jar Floral Arrangements

Favors: Candy-Filled Mason Jars

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