Friday, December 21, 2012

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Only 4 more days until Christmas! I really cannot believe it. Christmas might be my favorite time of year (rivaling summertime of course). During fall, I can't wait for the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas when I can listen to Christmas music 24/7, decorate the tree, go shopping and see all of the festively decorated stores, buy gifts for my loved ones, and wrap! Though I really am excited for Christmas day, a part of me is sad that the Christmas season has flown by so fast. The anticipation is part of what is so exciting to me.

I love being at home for Christmas. My mom always decorates our house so beautifully, and this year, I decided to do a little decorating of my own, and put up a tree in my room. Sticking with the color scheme of my room, I have pink and white lights and decorations -- girly overload, I know. I just can't resist myself. 

Wrapping presents used to be a chore, but in recent years I've found that I really enjoy it. This year, my mom found some great pre-made bows that were the perfect addition to my gifts. Here are some of the presents under my own little tree.

Though my mom has several themed trees around our house, our largest one -- the centerpiece -- is a collection of ornaments that my parents have had since they were first married, things my brother, sister and I have made, all of that good stuff. Recently, we were having a conversation about themed trees and my dad said, "We have a theme for ours. It's family." That really sat with me. Our Christmas tree represents our family and how we have grown up, what we like and enjoy, and what we have created. Calling it a family tree is absolutely perfect.


There is probably going to be at least one more Christmas post between now and December 25 because I love it so much! Merry Christmas!

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