Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Scalloped Details

Sorry I've been a little MIA the last few days! I was out of town in Atlanta last week for apparel market so I decided to take a break from posting for a few days to stay focused on that. Then on Sunday evening, I was in a car accident (thankfully, every one was okay - just not the cars), so I am just now finally getting back to my favorite little space! I've received a lot of kind messages about the accident so I appreciate that!

But back to these cute shorts! Anyone else in love with scallops? There are so many cute things out there with a little scallop detail that make a look so cute! We got these shorts into the store and I fell in love with them right away. I actually love wearing shorts but love having a tailored option in my closet so I felt like they were a perfect fit.

I also am living in these heels! When mom and I were in New York back in February for Coterie, Lord & Taylor was having a huge sale. They had these in my size but only had one out. And no one could seem to find the match. I normally get super impatient in that kind of environment (chaos everywhere) but I slipped the heel on and it was so comfortable that I knew I had to have these shoes. We waited for what felt like forever but finally someone was able to find the mysteriously lost shoe (I kind of felt like Cinderella once I got the match). I have sadly not been able to find them anywhere online, but these are pretty similar and by the same brand.
Shop some of my favorite scalloped pieces below - I seriously can't get enough!

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