Monday, November 7, 2022

Gift Guide - For the Toddler Girl

It's hard to believe that Christmas is less than two short months away! While I always have gift ideas on the brain, I started a true list of ideas for Virginia Parker a few weeks ago. She has grown so much in these last months and with that, her interest in things is ever changing!

We are trying to be very intentional with what she gets for Christmas this year as 1. she truly doesn't "need" anything, and 2. we don't have a playroom which means we have to store toys very meticulously. We have a few top things we think she would love and a few little ideas as well. At the top of my list is a play kitchen so I have a feeling Santa may be dropping one off at our house on Christmas Eve. 

Our list for Virginia Parker:

  • Play Kitchen - There are several kitchens I love but I'm leaning toward this one due to the size. This one is cute as well and I of course love this one from Pottery Barn. 
  • Outdoor Play House - I think this outdoor play house is adorable! I'm hoping this is something she will love to play in outside. 
  • Books - Our girl is very into books - right now, The Night Before Christmas and David and Goliath are her two favorites. A few on my list to get are:
  • Doll House - I think this doll house is so sweet and would work great in her room for imaginative play.
  • Table and chairs - We have the Skip Hop activity center that we converted to a table once she grew out of the interior play setup, but I wouldn't mind a true toddler table and chair set that we can have set up near our breakfast nook for her to play on and have her snacks. 

Gift Ideas We Have and Love:

  • Anywhere Chair - Santa actually brought this chair last year and while she was a little small for it at the time, she has absolutely loved it! She will sit in it to play or watch a show and while she often loves to cuddle with us, she will also hop into her chair with BunBun to hang out on her own.
  • Name Puzzle - This is a great gift for toddler age! I got this for her last year but it's definitely more age-appropriate for her now.
  • Baby Doll - one of my best friends got VP this doll for her first birthday and she has absolutely loved it (we now have two). Target has so many cute accessories as well including strollers, feeding items, etc. It's one of the things she plays with daily and she's so sweet wanting to push, rock and feed her baby.
  • JellyCats - We were gifted several different Jellycat stuffed animals when I was pregnant and she has taken up with her bunny - aka BunBun! We have two pink ones and the small one goes to school when she goes. They make adorable gifts and it's safe to say we've loved ours. 
  • Bunny Slippers - since we're bunny obsessed, these BunBun slippers are so much fun! My mom grabbed them for her and they are absolutely adorable. They would make an adorable gift. 

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