Monday, June 4, 2018

Cute One-Piece Swim Suits

True story: this is the first one-piece I've owned in years! I've had a hard time finding suits that I like on me! I also am weird about tan lines so I love a good strapless bikini. But now as the one-piece is making a comeback and there are so many cute options, I am loving giving the trend a try!

I snagged this one at Target over the weekend and can easily see it being a fun one to add to my go-to rotation! I love that it still has a little bit of the cutout detail that mirrors a cute bikini and the embroidery detail is really flattering in person. I will say that I don't love a suit that I can't remove the straps on or at least slip off (those tan lines...) but this is still a fun one!

Shop some of my fave one-pieces below!

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