Thursday, April 26, 2018

All the FAQs

One of the things I (actually) love about Instagram is the ability to communicate with people you follow. I love sending a quick question or note via the direct messages feature on Instagram as it's such an easy way to get an answer to something you're loving or a recommendation, etc. That being said, I get a good amount of questions on Insta, though some more than others.

Today, I'm sharing some of those frequently asked questions as well as a few random ones that I find interesting! Wedding questions to this day still are my most frequently asked - and I love chatting weddings so feel free to ask away - but here's a post on that if you're interested!

"What size did you get in the Shona Joy dress?"
This is honestly one of my most asked questions if not the most asked! This is also the most viewed post I've ever shared on Southern Style. I absolutely love this dress and found that it runs true to size! In most brands, I am a size 4 and in this one, I ordered the AUS 8/US 4 and it fit perfectly - no alterations needed. 

"Where did you get your living room rug?"
Wayfair! I honestly have been so impressed with this line of rugs. We ordered this one for our living room and this one for our dining room and both arrived very quickly and in great quality, especially considering the price point. 

"Do you like Lash Boost?"
Yes! I do. Overall, I've been pleased with the results I've found from using Lash Boost. I will say I've been a little slack in the last couple of weeks (missing a night or two here and there), and I do think you need to use it diligently for the best results. 

"What is your skin care routine?"
This is such a loaded question but one I receive quite frequently. I have been fortunate to grow up with clear skin and it's been in my mid-20s that I've really found the need to dive into a great skin care routine. At night, I use either Clinique's Liquid Facial Soap or It Cosmetic's Confidence in a Cleanser. I remove my eye makeup with Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. For moisturizing, I use Rodan and Field's Hydration Serum and then put my EltaMD Intense Moisturizer on top - love this stuff. For under eye, I use It Cosmetic ByeBye Under Eye. And then I finalize everything with R+F Lash Boost!

In the mornings, I'll normally rinse my face and use It Cosmetic's Secret Sauce followed by Laura Mercier's foundation primer and then I jump into my makeup routine.

"How tall are you?"
I'm 5'5.

"Do you have a favorite foundation?"
I do! The one I always go back to is Estee Lauder's Double Wear. But on days I want something lighter, I love It Cosmetic's CC Cream.

"How did you become a successful blogger?"
This question made me giggle a little bit because as much as I love my tiny blogging community, I feel far from successful! But overall, I just share what is true to me. I don't work with brands that don't feel authentic, I still share photos that aren't necessarily "Insta-approved," and I've yet to figure out how in the world to navigate the social medium algorithms. I love engaging with other people, whether it's fellow bloggers or readers. As much as I love social media, I also love that I have a website that is 100% mine and that an algorithm doesn't control if someone checks it out! I definitely have taken a step back from it in the last year due to opening the store but I blog when I'm able to and when I feel inspired! 

"What size are the frames on either side of your TV?"
We ordered those through Framebridge and I was very impressed with the timeline and quality! I just uploaded two of our wedding photos and within a few days, I had two gorgeous prints, framed and ready to hang. The artwork was 12" x 17.98" and the frame size ended up being 19.25" x 25.23".

"Where is your patio set from?"
Wayfair! Seriously, we love Wayfair. We've enjoyed having our outdoor set so far!

"Where are your white plates from?"
When registering for our wedding dishes, we decided to pick a "China" pattern that we could mix and match with both formal and everyday pieces. I opted for Raynaud's Argent White pattern, which we registered for at Fisherman's Wife in Wilmington and Royal Gifts in Clinton. 

"What did you do for bridesmaids' gifts for your wedding?"
I did robes from Plum Pretty Sugar and then earrings from ZIA! Also, the store does custom orders for bridesmaids' jewelry so if you're interested, just send me a quick note!

"Where did you find your fiddle leaf fig?"
A fun World Market find. I would love to do a real one but the corner that ours is in doesn't get much direct natural light so we opted for faux. 

"I love the gift your bridesmaids gave you. How can I get in touch with who made it?"
Brooke of Southern Bee Brooke created it! She has now started doing Love Story "minis" quite regularly - so if you don't see something on her website, be sure to email her or send her a message on Instagram as she is awesome to work with on custom pieces!

Any more fun questions? Leave a comment and I'll get back to you as well as add them to the list!
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