Thursday, January 21, 2021

Things I've Bought & Loved

While most of my shopping these days is done for baby girl and the nursery, I have shopped a little here and there for myself in an effort to accommodate this growing belly as well as made a few changes in my beauty routine! There have been a few things I've especially loved - keep reading to see my favorites!
I don't always opt for form-fitting dresses like this one but I actually like this dress on me better currently than I would've a few months ago!
Size/Color Ordered: Size M in Apricot
This little dress was probably a little ambitious but is a fun dress I may wear more in the future. 
Size/Color Ordered: Size M in Camel
Price: $36.99
I found this sweater at our local H&M right before Christmas and ended up wearing it with my Spanx leggings on Christmas Day! I love a good off-shoulder cozy piece - this one does run generously. I will also say that when I first got the maternity Spanx leggings, I didn't love them but now I wear them so much! I need another pair!
Size/Color Ordered: Size M in Gray (could have done small)
Price: $29.99
I was on the hunt for a few longer sweaters that weren't necessarily maternity but would work with a bump and leggings. This one is bump friendly (a little clingy on the mid-section) and so comfortable. I also finally purchased another pair of P448 sneakers - I absolutely love this brand and in my opinion, they are worth the price for sure. 
Sweater Size/Color Ordered: Size S in Money Maker
I loved this sweater so much that I ordered it in two colors. It's another great tunic length option that is non-maternity but still really works with pregnancy. 
Size/Color Ordered: Size S in Creme de la Creme (I also have it in Pink Adobe)
Price: $36.97
I wanted a notebook to keep little notes about gifts, etc. that we receive for baby girl so I ordered this one from Papier. It's so cute and the perfect way to stay organized.

Other purchases:
  • Amazon Leggings - I have these in camo and they have stretched well while pregnant. I ordered another pair in solid black and love how comfortable they are. 
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost - I bought this moisturizer and at first didn't love it but the more I use it, the more I like it. I put it on after I wash my face in the morning (but I do choose something different for my nighttime moisturizer). 
  • Nesting Boxes - I am definitely a keeper of mementos and we have received the sweet cards to celebrate baby already. I have a variety of these kinds of boxes but purchased a set for the nursery to keep in her closet. This also gives a designated place for cards + notes that we can show her later. 
  • Auden Wirefree BraI have had an issue finding comfortable bras, especially sports bras. I'm not currently doing anything high-impact, but the issue I've had is that anything that has felt supportive has also given me terrible neck pain and made me feel restricted. I browsed the bra section at Target found this lounge bra and it is 100% my new favorite. It feels supportive without being restrictive and gives enough support that I can go for a walk or ride our stationery bike. 
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