Friday, September 11, 2020

The Friday Five - Things I'm Loving

When I first started blogging, I shared a Friday 5 every single week! It ranged from something I had purchased to something I had my eye on to an event that had happened in the week! I want to get back to sharing these tidbits so welcome back to the Friday Five!

Golden Coil Planner

I absolutely love my Golden Coil planner. I'm very picky about what I look for in a planner as I like having a lot of space for note-taking but don't necessarily want to have to keep up with a second notebook. What I love about the GC is that is completely customizable. I opted for a weekly view that has a calendar on one side and a page of notes space on the other. It's the perfect hybrid option that fits my needs.

Marble Makeup Bag 

One of my best friend's actually recommended this makeup bag to me last summer and I've used it ever since! I love that it has compartments and also packs nicely. It's also under $15.00 so that's a win too!

Makeup Towel 

I finally purchased a set of Weezie makeup towels after having my eye on them for months and they haven't disappointed! We have white towels from Pottery Barn that I love because I bleach them, but it's been so nice having makeup-free towels. They have several cute options to choose from for embroidery but I went with a monogram. 

Juliska Mug 

When we got married, we registered for  a set of mugs from Crate and Barrel. I hardly ever used them because they just didn't hold a large cup of coffee and I found myself reaching for our novelty mugs instead of the set. I finally decided to get rid of those and instead bought a set of these Juliska mugs and that's what I drink coffee from each day!

Pumpkin Chai Candle 

Hello, fall! I purchased a new fall candle from my local Pure Barre studio the other day after class and it hasn't disappointed! I love candles and almost always have one burning when we're at home and it felt so cozy in our house!
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