Monday, May 18, 2020

Spring Front Porch Refresh

It's been a long time coming but one of my stay-home projects has been updating our front porch, and most specifically, our front door. At some point, we would love to get a new front door, but in the interim, ours really needed a fresh coat of paint. After Hurricane Florence, the paint on our door started majorly chipping. Our front door isn't weathered all that much due to the depth of our covered porch but with all the blowing rain that hurricane brought, the door was really impacted. What started as a few small paint chips ended up with large chunks of black paint chipping off. Super cute. 

I looked at front door paint colors for months and had narrowed it down to a few favorites. I was continuing to look on Pinterest but finally just called ahead to our local Benjamin Moore store, ordered Hale Navy for curbside pick-up and got started! 

Front Door Paint Steps:
  • Sand down windows and door
  • Clean thoroughly with Simple Green cleaner
  • Lightly sand again
  • Do one more wipe down with Simple Green
  • Tape windows and hardware
  • Paint!
I painted our bathroom vanities back in the fall so I had some of the materials I already needed + a good idea of how long the project would take, but even still, when I first got started, I thought I had made a huge mistake. Thankfully, after the second coat of paint, everything looked nice and smooth! 

Materials Used:
  • Quart of Benjamin Moore paint 
  • Sandpaper bar
  • Paintbrush
  • 4" roller brush
  • Painter's tape
Once our front door was updated, I wanted to freshen up our swing area as well as the planters around the front door. While I decided to keep our faux topiaries and front door rug, I knew I wanted a little bit of color around the door. I searched online for new planters but ultimately found a set from one of our local plant nursery's. I also bought a set of elephant ear plants to complete the look! We love hydrangeas so I bought two small ones to put in these little planters. 

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