Monday, July 1, 2019

Summer Wedding Dresses

Stephen and I have become somewhat of career wedding attendees - which we love to do because it means we get to celebrate with some of our closest friends and family on one of the biggest days of their lives! The year we got married, we went to 12 weddings plus our own (and I was in 3 other ones that same friend group easily says it was the absolute best summer).

When deciding on my wardrobe for each wedding, there are a lot of factors that I consider. Is the wedding inside or out? Will it be hot and humid or will there be a nice breeze? Should I wear wedges or heels? Often times, the invitation will be a clue as to how formal you should be but I've found for ladies, it's easy to find a dress that you feel great in but also fits the bill of attire.

Our most recent wedding was that of my cousin John Wesley and his bride Mary Margaret. Months back, they asked me to play the violin for their ceremony, which was such a huge honor. I immediately began thinking about what I wanted to wear. I knew I wanted something that looked professional being at the front of the church but I also wanted to be in love with the dress since it would be a wedding where so many of our friends and family would be. As soon as this dress arrived to the shop, I knew it was a winner! It actually sold out within a week so I ended up ordering one for myself because I knew I couldn't top it. I received the most compliments and it felt like the perfect little dress for a summer wedding. While it is almost sold out in the powder blue, it is also available in a beautiful black
I wore this green floral asymmetrical midi to a waterside outdoor wedding in June.
This striped midi swing dress was the perfect piece for my cousin's rehearsal dinner! It would also make a great outdoor wedding dress.

Does the above dress look familiar? It's 3 years old yet still the feature of my most read blog post ever. I've work it several times since I first wore it to friends' wedding in Richmond, Virginia. Most recently, it was the perfect piece for my great aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary! What I love about this dress is that it is formal enough for black tie but can also be appropriate if the attire is deemed cocktail. It also comes in a variety of beautiful colors.
I wore this little dress to a wedding in September. While it was technically a fall wedding, it would also be great for summer. 
Heading to a wedding this summer? Sometimes dress codes can be confusing. We're asked so often in the shop what is appropriate for a certain kind of wedding. While I wouldn't wear a sundress to a black tie wedding or a gown to a casual event, I do sometimes think that the dress codes are interchangeable, especially black tie to cocktail and cocktail to outdoor a wedding. Here are a few of my favorite dresses for various wedding attires. 

Black Tie


Beach/Outdoor Wedding Formal


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