Monday, January 28, 2019

Where I Buy Workout Wear + My Fitness Journey

I'm often asked where I find my workout clothes and the answer is always everywhere! I love Lululemon, Alo, and Beyond Yoga (some of which I buy online and some at my local athletic store/Pure Barre), but I have also found some great options at places like Forever21 and Old Navy. 

Both of the pieces shown in this look are super affordable. I wanted a pair of Alo moto leggings but bought the Spanx motos the same week, so I knew I didn't need to spend over $200 on two pairs of leggings... lucky for me, I found these from Old Navy and they are very well made, super comfortable, and have the compression factor that I always look for in my workout leggings. There's nothing worse than leggings that stretch out!

I also can't say enough about this adorable cropped workout bra. It is a mix between a sports bra and a workout tank and it is honestly so comfortable. It comes with built in support which is great so you can skip two pieces and just opt for this one item. For sizing reference, I got the medium. 

For sports bras, I love Alo as well. I normally opt for light to medium support as I really don't need much more than that, and this bra is great if you're looking for something in that level. It also comes in a lot of great colors!
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As we dive into the new year, I want health to be a priority. It's very easy with my schedule to slip into terrible habits: pizza for dinner, skipping workouts because of a long day at the shop, etc. One thing I'm trying to do more of is building my workouts into my schedule. This time of year is difficult because it gets dark so early and it is so cold! Summertime makes it easier because I love getting outside with Sophie and I'm much more motivated after work. Despite all of that, scheduling my workouts in is making me commit a little bit more, but I'm also trying to extend grace when I've had a full work at the shop and just need a few minutes on the couch. 

Right now, when I put on a swimsuit, I'm not 100% confident. I think we can all relate to that in various points of our lives. For this spring, I'm focusing less on the number on the scale (which I have often gotten way too caught up on), and instead, I want to think about how I feel. I hope to have a stronger core by the time summer rolls around for two reasons: 1) abs are always great and 2) when I have a stronger core, my back hurts a lot less, which should of course be a priority!

Another area I'm trying to improve is my food choices. For the longest time, I was pretty conscious of what I ate, but as of late, I have opted for more fast food and less cooking at home. Cooking is not something I overly enjoy, but I've been exploring more recipes to see if I can find things that are great to cook but also great for my body. 

I'm also thankful that we have a Chopt in the same shopping center as my store. I absolutely love their salads and most recently tried one of their warm bowls. It's a healthy lunch that I actually look forward to. I'm still trying to find that perfect "take-to-work" lunch, so if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears!

One other thing that I've found is that when I deprive myself, I end up having cravings that outweigh the healthy efforts I put in throughout the day. I've definitely added on some "holiday fluffiness," and need to lay off the cheese croissants and sugary coffee drinks, but I do think life is about balance, which is one area I'm working to achieve. When I make healthier choices during the day, I feel less guilty having that small piece of candy and I will say, I never, ever turn down a piece of cake. 
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