Thursday, October 25, 2018

SS Favorites: Amazon

I'm excited to introduce a new series on SS - #SSFavorites! There are a few online resources that I use quite regularly, whether it's for the store, for our home, or for personal use!

Amazon is something I order from almost weekly, especially for the store! Especially for bulk supplies that we need often at the store (paper towels, Swiffer pads, labels, etc.), I find Amazon so easy to use and so convenient as we receive most items within two days right to the door. As a business owner, I've found that time is everything, and so the convenience of door delivery is so nice!

Though I mostly use it for supplies, I've found quite a few great items that I absolutely love, including those below.

+ Beveled Mirror: This is a store purchase but something I would get for our home as well. I ordered this mirrors for my dressing rooms at ZIA and love how they look!

+ Fitbit Alta HR: I tried out my sister's Apple Watch and though I loved it, I found that I missed wearing my other watch and I didn't utilize nearly enough of the features to make it worth it. I decided to get the Fitbit Alta HR because I can wear it on my right arm and it still alerts me when texts come in, tracks my steps, heart beat for working out, etc. I also snagged this gold band for it as well. 

+ Noteworthy Planner: I'll share more in detail about my planner in another post but I can't speak highly enough about this one! I love the monthly view, weekly view, and space for notes in each week. 

+ Curling Iron: I get asked a lot about what curling iron I use. I snagged this one from Amazon and it has been the best! It works especially well with my shorter hair. 

+ 7-Drawer Cabinet: I could benefit from this at my house but I got it for the store! I will say it was quite the pain to put together (I enlisted my husband's help), but the final product has been a huge help at the store! It was the perfect addition to my office and wrangled a lot of supplies that had no real home. 

+ Elta MD Moisturizer: This moisturizer is a good one! It's definitely a heavier option so if you have oily skin, it's not for you. I switch between this one and my favorite from itCosmetics. 

+ Coffee Table Book: If you're looking for a good selection of books for your home book display, I'd definitely check out Amazon! I found this one as well as a few others online and it's the perfect fit in our living room. 

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