Sunday, October 14, 2018

101 in 1,001 - New List

Today, I'm excited to share my new list of 101 things in 1,001 days! I recently shared my completed list, and while I had quite a few things left to cross off, I'm proud of what I accomplished! My new list is an evolution of the last one. Some things that I never completed are no longer relevant, others I've added to this, and even more are new goals of mine to reach!

If you have your own list, I'd love to read it!

Start Date: October 15th, 2018 - End Date: July 11th, 2021

Read 50 books
Learn calligraphy
Finish my book draft
Renew my passport
Clean out my camera roll on my phone
"Unplug" for the weekend
Do a no-spend month
Unsubscribe to all unwanted emails

Try a new workout
Walk 10,000 steps every day for a week
No fast food for a month
Drink 80 ounces of water every day for a week
Try a cycling class
Try hot yoga
Get back to my goal weight
No eating out for a week
Go to bed before 10 every night for a week
Do allergy testing
Do a week-long sugar detox

Reach 10,000 followers on the ZIA Instagram
Ship orders to at least 25 different states
Visit a new-to-me apparel market
Update my store office
Host an innovative event
Do some freelance writing
Update my resume
Read a business book
Complete Continued Education for real estate license

Switch to Wordpress
Share a complete home tour
Share a living room home tour
Share a kitchen before and after (post-cabinet painting)
Reach 50k followers on Instagram
Host a blogger get-together
Attend another blogging conference
Attend at least one blogger event

Change my last name
Plan a belated anniversary trip
Order our wedding album
Preserve my wedding dress
Send out Christmas cards each year
Celebrate our two-year anniversary (August 2019)
Plan a surprise date night
Celebrate our three-year anniversary (August 2020)
Celebrate Stephen's 30th birthday (December 27th, 2020)
Celebrate my 30th birthday (May 25th, 2021)
Send Christmas Cards each year

Order our first "yearbook" photo album
Organize our home office and share on blog
Paint kitchen cabinets
Update living room light fixture
Mount our TV on our living room wall
Finish guest bedrooms
Participate in the One Room Challenge
Organize our upstairs closets
Move our pink couch to our office
Find the perfect artwork for our downstairs powder room
Continue our Mackenzie Childs Christmas ornament collection
Do a declutter challenge
Find the perfect porch swing
Frame more of our family photos
Create a gallery wall in our stairwell

Try 10 new-to-me restaurants
Have a stay-cation at the Blockade Runner
Create a Wilmington City Guide
Go to 5 local events

North Carolina
Visit the mountains in all four seasons
See the fall foliage in the mountains
Visit a new coastal NC town
Go to the state fair
Stay at a famous bed & breakfast
Drive the Blue Ridge Parkway
Go to a Panthers game

Family & Friends
Host a girls' weekend at our house
Send 5 just-because gifts
Host Easter lunch again

Visit 3 new countries
Visit 3 new states
See the cherry blossoms in D.C.
Visit Colorado
Go skiing out west
Take a couples' trip
Go sailing
See a new-to-me Broadway show
Plan another Christmastime NYC trip
Take a weekend trip to Charleston
Visit Maine
Go to Banff, Canada

All the Fun
Host a holiday party at our house
Throw a surprise party
Go to 5 concerts
Purchase AirPods
Host supper club
Go ice skating
Host an ornament exchange
Try 10 new recipes
Dress up for Halloween
Buy the person behind me's coffee
Send 10 pieces of "snail-mail"
Start a new 101 list
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