Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Home Tour: Master Bedroom

I'm excited to share with you our master bedroom reveal! This room has seen quite a few changes since I first moved into this house almost 4 years ago. When I first moved back to Wilmington, I used a lot of the same furniture that I had throughout my three apartments (college, Huntersville, and Cary) and didn't really do a ton in terms of upgrading to new things for the bedroom. 

I don't have very many before photos but here are two: the first was way before I moved in and the second when it was just me inhabiting the room. And Stephen actually helped me paint the walls to its current hue before I moved in a few years ago. The carpet is also new as of about two years ago due to a leak in the upstairs guest bathroom... talk about a mess!
After Stephen and I got engaged and we decided to make this our first home together, I started thinking about ways to make our furniture blend before completely giving all of our items an overhaul. We currently have more bed frames and mattresses than our house can really hold at the moment (works great for guest rooms, though!) and so buying a whole new bedroom suite seemed a little silly considering we both liked what we had. At some point, we want to upgrade to a king mattress, but we decided to use Stephen's dark wood bed frame and mattress with some of my dresser. As an overview, here is what we kept/updated:

What we kept:
Stephen's bed frame & mattress
Zelle's white dresser
Zelle's white wavy mirror
Zelle's end of bed bench

What we updated:
Bedside tables
Bedding & pillows
Above-bed artwork

I didn't have any immediate idea as to how I wanted the room to change, but I wanted to get away from a super-girly room and transfer into something a little more appropriate for my husband as well. I also had no real intentions of our entire home having coastal vibes, but I gravitate towards blues and everything I picked seemed to fall into the coastal category! 

One of the things I love the most about our bedroom is our framed prints above our bed. I've long loved these frames from Pottery Barn and it just so happened that they worked great with our bedside tables (shop similar bedside tables here). I found the prints on Etsy for instant download, printed them on a luxe cardstock in my office, and then we framed and (Stephen) hung them. 

Some of the other little trinkets we have around our room are from years past - the coral dish that I keep my most-worn jewelry in I've had since high school! I also change frames out around our house and move them around quite frequently - just to change things up. 

One thing I would love to add to our room is a gorgeous light fixture like this one, but I am in love with our ceiling fan! It is nothing to write home about at all, but we sleep with it on every single night! I don't think that the comfort of having it is something I want to sacrifice for the sake of the aesthetic, but I may end up changing my mind at some point. 

Overall, I love how our bedroom has turned out. It has a lot of natural light, which is one thing I love. It is a very calming space (when it's clean, ha!) and I love going to this retreat after a long day. There are still a few things I wouldn't mind changing out (like new hardware on the dresser) but as a whole, it's slowly but surely turned into what I hoped it would!
Sources List:

Paint Color - Behr Shiny Luster
Lamps - Wayfair
Bed - Similar
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Lumbar Pillow - Wayfair
Tassel Lumbar Pillow - Anthropologie
Monogrammed Pillow - Etsy
Bedding - Similar
Frames - Pottery Barn
Prints - Etsy
Dresser Mirror - Home Goods (similar here)

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