Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

If you follow me on Instagram (@zellewiggins), then you probably saw the story documentary of my husband I working on our gallery wall. Needless to say, it took longer than expected, we hit a few hiccups, and ended up hanging and re-hanging a few of the frames. I honestly wish we had taken a video of the process because it was quite hysterical. 

Choose your type.
Do you want a gallery grid or abstract wall? Monochromatic or colorful? For our home, I knew I wanted a grid wall, meaning I wanted each frame to be exactly the same and I wanted it filled with prints that were cohesive. We had talked about doing an abstract wall with family photos and more, but we may be saving that for our stairwell (don't tell my husband...)

Identify your budget. 
Framing can easily get very expensive! I found so many things in the beginning that I loved, but I knew I wanted to stay within a certain budget as there are so many things we are updating in our home. I ended up loving frames that were on sale, so I saved there instead of doing a custom framing option. 

Choose your artwork.
I looked at artwork for several months before finally deciding on something. In the beginning, I thought about hanging three cohesive canvases, but when I came across these prints on Etsy, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for. 

Choose streamlined frames. 
And this doesn't mean they all have to match! I opted for all white wooden frames that were pre-matted that I snagged at a local craft store, but I contemplated using Framebridge. Framebridge is also a great option if you're wanting to mix and match frames but want the streamlined approach. 

Measure. And then measure again. And then again. 
Stephen is definitely a "measure and check again" where as I like to eyeball it and hope for the best. But even with all of the measuring we did, we still ended up changing a few things because we didn't quite like how we had them spaced out. Thankfully, we started with the bottom middle and worked our way out and up, so we were able to fix the issues before we had the whole wall completed. 

Hang with uniform spacing. 
Though uniform spacing works well with any gallery wall, it was a necessity for our grid! We had 7" between each frame to take up the amount of space we were wanting. We started with 5", but realized it wasn't quite enough. 

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? If so, what was your technique?

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