Monday, February 5, 2018

All The Things Vol. I

Happy Monday! Today, I'm excited to start a new series, All The Things, which features quite literally all of the things. Whether it's a new favorite recipe, what I've purchased lately, a frequently asked question, etc., I'll be sharing all the things every couple of weeks. 

This morning, I'm working on a fun collaboration with one of my favorite stores in town: Gathered. I've admired Lindsey Cheek and her design work from afar for quite some time, but after they held a pop-up at the grand opening of ZIA, we became fast friends. I look to Lindsey as a mentor and friend, and I'm looking forward to showcasing our collaboration in the coming weeks! 

Latest Purchases:

+ This fiddle leaf fig: I've been wanting something to go in the corner of our living room for quite some time, but our Christmas tree filled the void during the holiday season. Once it was taken down, the corner felt so empty. Originally, I was thinking I wanted a live plant, but I love the aesthetic of this one (and I don't have the opportunity to over or under-water it). 

+ This off-shoulder sweater: I love a good versatile sweater. I was lazy in it on Sunday but it would be so cute over a swimsuit when it gets warmer and with denim shorts. 

+ This candle: I'm on my second of this (purchased from Gathered - call them to order!) and it's such a great holiday/winter candle. It stayed lit all through Christmas but has more of a crisp scent so it's perfect when you aren't quite ready to transition into a spring candle. 

Latest Reads:

+ Advice from Women Married 40+ Years: Still being a newlywed, I loved reading this sweet article. 

+ Practicing Self-Care at Work: This article offers some great tips. Working is a little different for me now that I have the store, but I do have an office there and there are times that much of my work day is spent behind a desk. 

Latest Recipes:
+ Mexican Sweet Potatoes: I made this last week and it was hit for both me and Stephen. Definitely putting it on the rotation list. 

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