Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bridal Portraits

Being a Southern gal, I knew I wanted to have bridal portraits done, but I was also a little nervous about them. Despite being a blogger and sharing a lot of photos, I don't always love photos of myself, so I was honestly worried that I wouldn't love photos of as a bride. However, Kate Supa nails every photo she takes, so like our engagement and wedding photos, I ended up loving them more than I thought possible.

I couldn't decide where I wanted to do these photos at first, but I did know that I wanted it to be stress-free. I ultimately decided on my grandmother's beach house, a place that I love and is special to me (and where Stephen proposed). It ended up being the perfect spot, as I could get my hair and makeup done and get ready all in the same place without having to worry about changing into my dress in an unfamiliar place, etc. 

My hair and makeup was done by a gal I have known for quite some time, Bethany McElroy. Bethany owns her own salon, The Beauty Mark. When I was in college, I had the opportunity to be on the North Carolina Azalea Festival Queen's Court twice, and both times, Bethany was a rockstar at hair and makeup. When it came time to choose who I wanted to do my hair and makeup for our wedding day, it was a no brainer, and I absolutely love how it turned out! I chose not to do a trial run, using bridal portrait day as the "trial." I sent Bethany a few photos ahead of time as inspiration, but she nailed what my vision was and we didn't change a thing for wedding day!

When it came to my bouquet, it was a very last minute thing. I thought it would be a great idea to make my own, but thankfully my mom talked me out of that one because I have no real experience in bouquet making. Mom called our florist, The Olive Branch, and they whipped one up very quickly, just in time for our photos.

I'm so happy I chose the beach house for these photos. I truly feel like myself when I'm there, and I have so many good memories with my grandmother. It honestly felt like she was hanging out with us, which I know she would have been doing if she were able to. And the team it took to create these photos is incredible!

Dress & Veil: Coastal Knot Bridal
Hair & Makeup: Bethany McElroy, The Beauty Mark 
Location: Wrightsville Beach
Florals: Olive Branch
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