Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Confessions

Happy Monday! It's another one of those weekends that I wish I could have a few more hours on. I kicked off Friday with a mani/pedi with my little sister. I hadn't had either in awhile so it was great being pampered for a few. Saturday morning was spent being lazy in bed, which I haven't done in forever, and then Stephen picked me up and we headed to a great brunch spot, followed by house things that felt good to cross off. And on Sunday, my sister and I headed to Sanford to see a friend of mine play Elle Woods in Temple Theater's production of Legally Blonde. Hailey and I met when we competed at Miss NC in 2011 (she won and I was 1st runner up) and we've been friends ever since! I love Legally Blonde: The Musical and it was so fun seeing her as Elle Woods.

While I need a few extra cups of coffee this morning, here are a few confessions on this Monday morning:

+ I absolutely love these Vanessa Mooney earrings. I wore them in a mauve for our engagement pictures last year, but while at Bevello last week, I decided to pick up a pair in white. I knew I would wear them a ton, especially with all of the fun things we have going on this summer. 

+ I can't decide on an outfit for the first night of our bachelorette trip. Each day has a theme, and for the first night, the brides (my best friends and I are having a joint party in Nashville, since we're all getting married this summer) are supposed to wear sparkles and white. I ordered this dress and actually love it more than I thought but I'm waiting on this romper to come in, too. Any favorites?! And if you have any suggestions for a white sparkled or beaded look, let me know!

+ I have a serious obsession with Chicago PD. An obsession that is now a problem (the kind of problem that makes you stay up way past your bedtime to watch past episodes). I have watched it on and off since it first came out a few years ago, but I am totally wrapped up into season 4. I really want to watch it from the beginning but can't find it anywhere unless I purchase the full season off of Amazon. I may be doing that...

+ My bridal portraits are on Tuesday and I still haven't committed to a hair or makeup look. I have an idea but definitely need to check out Pinterest a little more.

+ I was supposed to be eating healthy these past few weeks since, you know, my bridals are this week. But I definitely had a bbq sandwich and fries yesterday. It's balance, right...?
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