Sunday, January 15, 2017

Something Borrowed

Andddd I'm back! Since right before Christmas, I've had a hard time staying in the blogging groove. First it was the stomach bug, then just a holiday hiatus, then busy work weeks and the ever crazy weekends! We have very few weekends between now and the end of September that hold no plans, and though I'm certainly not complaining, it definitely makes for a tired Sunday night. And real talk - there were some Sunday afternoons I just wanted to relax instead of taking blog pictures. 

Though style will continue to be a focus here, there are going to be some changes as well. Of course, lots of wedding posts now through August, home inspiration, travel posts, and Coffee Dates every Friday. And though the plan is still to continue a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, there may be a day (or two) missing on occasion, as I do have a full-time job that doesn't consider blogging one of my responsibilities! I also always want this blog to be something I enjoy, and there for awhile, it started to become a bit of a chore, so takin a step back was good for me.

In other news, this something borrowed post has absolutely nothing to do with weddings - instead, it has everything to do with this top as I borrowed it from my little sister's closet (that's been happening more and more these days...). I wore this ensemble on Sunday for my cousin's baby shower, and since she's having a little girl, I thought this top would be the perfect thing to wear. And just to give insight on the struggle it was to get these photos done before the sun set: I had changed into a dress I ordered for our engagement party this coming weekend to show my mom when I realized there was just enough daylight left to squeeze in a quick set up photos. I had run back to my house, changed back into the clothes I wore for the shower, and ran back to my parents', posed and ready. All of a sudden, my mom said, "Um, you have something going on with your boot..." My OTK boot was instead around my calf as I had failed to zip it back up. The struggle is always real, y'all.

Oh, one more thing in this lengthy post - I'd love to hear what you want to see on Southern Style! Whether it's favorites videos, wedding things, more beauty posts, just style, nothing at all... let me know what your favorite things are!
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