Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Know Your Stuff

When I was eight years old, Hurricane Floyd hit the eastern seaboard of the United States, and the impact for coastal North Carolina was substantial. Though the actual hurricane did minimal damage, North Carolina received a substantial amount of rain. We were living in a riverside community at the time, and about two days after the hurricane, my parents woke my brother and I in the middle of the night and said we had to evacuate immediately. The amount of rain had caused the river to rise and water was coming towards our home from three angles. Thankfully, my parents knew exactly what they needed to do. 

The bottom floor of our home at the time was mostly garage and playroom areas, but there were still some valuables, so my parents immediately enlisted our help to get everything we could reach to the next story. Though our home flooded over four feet and there was significant damage to the flooring and walls, thankfully, we were all safe and no true valuables were lost, which was not the case for everyone. It also helped that my parents had a relative plan and knew what needed to be moved, and the plan was put into action.

Now that I live on my own, I'm working towards truly knowing the value of my belongings, which helps with insurance and future claims. With a simple app, I'm able to keep track of exactly what is in my home. I live on the coast of NC, and though I'm hoping this hurricane season will be a mild one, it's always good to play it safe. This is all thanks to Know Your Stuff, a home inventory app that helps you maintain a list of the items in your home - so that you truly do know your stuff.

The  app is very user friendly, allowing you to add photos of the exterior, rooms in your home, and the items in each room from both your phone and computer. My bedroom and living room are the two that I've spent the most focus on, due to my electronics and of course, my jewelry. The other great thing about the app is that it allows you to keep inventory as you go. My mom recently had to go through a good portion of her jewelry and some of my grandmother's and take photos of each. My snapping photos of what I have as I go, this will eliminate the future hassle of going through everything that is in my home.

So often, I think we're quick to forget that our home is not indestructible. While it's not something we like to think about, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires or other disasters can strike when we least expect it. Like in most situations, it's better to expect the unexpected. I'm reminded of the flood that struck my childhood home. The water rose after the danger of the hurricane had passed, and for many, the rising water was very dangerous, very destructive, and very unexpected. Going forward, I'm happy to have the Know Your Stuff app to give me peace of mind.

Be sure to check out the Know Your Stuff website by clicking here - and download the app straight to your iPhone or Android phone!

This post was sponsored by Know Your Stuff, but all opinions are my own.

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