Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dog Days

How in the world is our tiny pup already 5? Even though so much has happened since I first got Sophie, it's still hard to believe she's already five years old. Soph has been a constant through many changes in my life: college, graduation, 4 different moves, 2 different jobs, laughter, tears, and with a whole lot of walks and treats in between.

Having a dog is seriously one of the best things in this world. Stephen and I often joke that she's more human that dog, and my friends (her aunts, of course) have come up with some hilarious names for her, generally that result in something like #smallestjunglepanda and the like. Just check out Instagram and you'll see all kinds of nicknames. She also greets me like none other when I get home - if I've had a bad day, I can guarantee that she'll at least be happy to see me.

I get a lot of questions about Sophie, these being the most frequently asked:
  1. What kind of dog is she? Sophie is a Maltipoo.
  2. How much does she weigh? She's right around 4 pounds - definitely smaller than expected but she makes up for it in personality.
  3. How big will she get? She's full grown!
  4. Does she shed? She doesn't! Aside from a stray hair or two - much like people - you won't find much dog hair. Any breed mixed with a poodle generally offers minimal shedding. I'm a crazy dog mom that lets her pup sleep in the bed, and I never find any dog hair on my sheets. Otherwise, it would be tough...
  5. Does she bark a lot? That's a loaded question! On a general basis, no. But she does have a protective bone in her tiny body, so when she sees someone approaching, she lets me know. Now that I live next to my parents, it gets on my nerves a little bit, but I was thankful to have an alarm when we lived in an apartment just the two of us - though her bark is definitely bigger than her bite!
  6. Are Maltipoos good with kids? Sophie is very rarely around kids, but for the most part, she does okay. She plays with Stephen's niece relatively well. She's not a fan of big hugs or tail grabs and lets her know it, but she does get scolded if she ever growls, and thankfully, I've never had an issue with her biting anyone, big or small.
Sophie is my little best friend and my sidekick. At one point, she went to work with me every single day, so we were constant companions. She has some funny quirks about her, too. To be such a small, prissy dog, she loves the pool and is constantly wanting to play. She loves jumping around in the water, is not hesitant to get in a mud puddle, will hop on a paddleboard, and likes boat rides. But to that same token, she'll hop in my bag anytime it's within her reach if she knows I'm going somewhere. 

Happy Birthday to our smallest water girl! We love you, Soph! (And yes, I am most definitely a crazy dog mom). 

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