Monday, May 9, 2016

An Ode to Carolina

Can we talk for a moment about how much I love North Carolina? I spent so much time in the beautiful outdoors over the weekend, and I just can't seem to get enough. For so many years, I took for granted that I live in such a beautiful place. Though I love it year round, I fall in love all over again when the weather turns warmer. Don't get me wrong - I love traveling and seeing new places, but it is so comforting to know that I call this place home. I love this place where you can watch the sun rise over the mountains, and in the same day, watch the sun set over the ocean. I find so much inspiration from this place I call home, and for that, I am thankful.

I'm thankful for a place where:
  • The tea is sweet and the people are sweeter
  • Summer evenings are welcomed by a chorus of crickets
  • The term bless your heart is a common phrase
  • The doughnuts are even sweeter than the tea - here's to you Krispy Kreme and Britt's.
  • Barbecue is a staple - Eastern or Lexington style?
  • The fragrance of confederate jasmine in the spring is apparent as soon as you walk out the back door
  • Great movies and shows have used our beautiful landscapes as their backdrops: Nights in Rodanthe, Forest Gump, Safe Haven, Dirty Dancing, The Choice, One Tree Hill...just to name a few
  • We celebrate beautiful flowers - Hello, NC Azalea Festival
  • You'll find what looks like a hole in the wall restaurant, but there's a line out the door
  • The fall foilage makes your heart skip a beat
  • Y'all is the proper way to dress a crowd (or just two)
  • Beautiful beaches are part of a lifestyle
  • A snow day could mean a few inches of snow or not even a few flakes falling from the sky
  • We were first in flight
  • Mac-and-cheese is considered a vegetable
  • Tradition rings true, whether it's through the rivalry of ACC basketball or on the campus of Meredith College
  • Spring bike rides at dusk are a necessity
  • You'll find long roads surrounded by gorgeous oak trees - there's nothing like it
  • You can ski on water or down a mountain
  • Most every evening offers a sunset worthy of a photograph
In my mind, I'm gone to Carolina.



  1. It's a wonderful state for sure!! I'm loving that bike...makes me wish I knew how to ride one LOL, but this summer it will happen! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Nothing beats the South and NC is such a wonderful and beautiful place. You summed it up perfectly! And no one even questions our grammar when we say All Y'all.

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  3. I'm so jealous that you live in North Carolina! I went to college at Wake Forest and I miss the beautiful weather so much!!

  4. You're making me wish we lived back in South Carolina again! I LOVE this simple outfit--that white tank is so adorable!

  5. that bike is so darn cute. makes me want to get a cruiser already! also book a trip to the carolinas already. it's been a hot minute and ugh i love it so much.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. North Carolina seems like such a great state to live in! You get the best of everything! SO jealous of your pretty fall foliage and warm spring days! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. I have never been to NC but I so want to go!! Love your love for your home. So sweet! Also, how cute is your top?!

    xx Leah /

  8. This made me cry! I miss home every day!! Beautiful tribute to our Old North State!

  9. Great post, I hope to visit one day.


  10. Loving your bike!! I've always thought NC sounds amazing.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  11. Love this! You definitely live in a dreamy place!

  12. I've never been-- but now I want to come visit! Love your top btw!

    xo, Jennifer

  13. Such a beautiful post and I'm loving your bike! I've actually never been to North Carolina, but we totally fell in love with South Carolina when we visited a couple of years ago!

  14. Love this post! We've vacationed in the Outer Banks a few times and the beaches there are so beautiful! It's definitely a place I'd like to return to!

    Taffeta & Tulips

  15. I couldn't agree more. Moving away from Charlotte was the hardest place I've ever had to say goodbye too. Even after a year+ away, I'm so homesick for the things that you listed. It's such a special place!!

  16. Have I mentioned lately that I absolutely adore your bike? :) This is such a well timed post for me as I'm over here thinking about how it's been almost exactly a year since I left the great state of NC... you're making me miss it a lot!

  17. You are totally rocking your new bike! You make North Carolina sound so wonderful - I've never been!


  18. You looking so beautiful and pretty in the outfit dear. The bicycle is just perfect to have a look around of the field. Super cute and adorable pictures. Lovely and keep it up...:)

  19. Mac and cheese is considered a vegetable!? YES please! Such a beautiful place, we seriously considered the Carolinas when we decided to relocate to the south. Nothing beats southern living <3
    Green Fashionista

  20. I am obsessed with your bike - I long to get one like that but don't have a place to ride it around here quite yet. Also loving your look and I definitely consider mac and cheese as a vegetable - amen to that! We're always hoping to get down to NC one of these trips - it's such a beautiful spot!

  21. There's nothing like the south, and home! I live in Tennessee and after traveling for long periods I'm so happy to be home. Love this flowy top!

    Greta |


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