Monday, April 25, 2016

Favorite Dress

Caprice dress, chunky heels, uber clutch

You know when you find a piece of clothing that you wish you could wear every single day? Or that you could get in a variety of colors? That's this dress for me. I was shopping before Easter and saw this, and I really wasn't even planning on buying anything. It was also one of those dresses that was a little more pricey than I wanted to pay at the moment, so I picked it up, put it back, and then picked it right back up and headed to the dressing room. And proceeded to try it on which resulted in love. This dress may not seem all that special, but for me, I loved everything about it - the print, the cut, the sleeves, the place it hit on my legs - and I was sold. 

Luckily, I've already found a couple of places to wear it - and I know those won't be the only times. It also comes in a pretty white version, which would be perfect for a bride or graduate, or really anyone who just loves this dress. P.S. You may or may not have noticed that my hair looks a little different than my last post. No - I did not put MiracleGrow on my hair, nor do I have a magical hairbrush. I decided to add some volume and a little length with hair extensions, and I'm definitely happy with how they turned out! If anyone is interested in learning more about them, let me know. 

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