Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Buy the Lipstick

A little less than a year ago, I was having a terrible day - the kind of horrible, no good, very bad day that makes you want to crawl back into bed and try again the next day. It was the point at which we knew my grandmother only had a few weeks left with us, and I was beyond heart broken, but life had to continue so I cried it out, put on a new dress, and headed to work. I was so consumed in my thoughts that I failed to realize what lane I was in, so I sped up, changed lanes, and immediately saw blue lights come zooming up behind me. 10 minutes later, there were more tears as well as a speeding ticket sitting beside me in my passenger seat.

I made it through the work day and decided right then and there that though shopping didn't fix things, it certainly couldn't make my day any worse, so I headed to the mall and stopped by the MAC store to look at a few lip colors I had my eye on - one in particular being Candy Yum-Yum. As I perused the many color options, the conversation with the artist at the counter went a little something like this:

Makeup gal: Can I help you?
Me: I wanted to try this color Candy Yum-Yum. It's bright, but I kind of like it.
*she gives me a strange look*
Me: ... so is it too bright?
*another look, another smirk*
Makeup gal: Well, it's definitely bright, but a lot of people like it. I'm just not sure it's for you.
At this point, I'm thinking maybe it doesn't work with my complexion or something. But then...
Makeup gal: I mean, I just don't think you have the personality for that color.

I'm sorry, what? I've been standing here for 10 seconds and you've already decided you know me well enough to determine what my personality is? Chalk it up to being incredibly stubborn or the fact that I've already had a terrible day, but I looked at her and said, "I'll take it." And with that, I purchased a pretty pink lipstick that I've come to love and that I always get asked about.

Point of the story? People are so quick to judge. On a day I needed someone to build me up, I felt a little torn down, even though I'm sure she didn't mean it that way. We spend so much time asking and needing for others' approval, but we ultimately need to do what works best for us. If you love the dress, wear it. If you want to try a new career path, give it a shot. If you want to rock that bikini, rock it. To that same affect, tell someone you thank you. Pay a stranger a compliment. And if you want to treat yourself on a bad day? Buy the lipstick. 


  1. I bought Candy Yum Yum and it sat unused on my bathroom counter for months because I was scared to use it. I finally decided that I didn't care what anyone else thought so I put it on and owned it. Now I'm addicted to bold lip colors and don't wear anything but.

  2. You reacted way better than I would have!! But I'm glad you still bought the lipstick because it looks great on you! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Love this post!! The nerve of some people is crazy! I'm glad you bought the lipstick and are rocking it!

  4. Love this post Zelle! You look stunning in that shade, and I'm certain your grandmother is looking down on you smiling each time you wear it.

    Lauren xo || The Right To Remain Fabulous

  5. You handled that makeup counter gal very well. I don't know what I would have done. One of the things that we constantly talk about where I work is how to treat people because you just never know what kind of day they are having. I would never in a million years treat someone like that. On a brighter note, that lipstick is amazing!! I'm also sure that your grandma would be very proud of you. :-)

  6. I can't believe someone would say that! So terrible, but you handled yourself well - much better than I probably would have, ha! And for what it's worth, I love the lipstick on you :)

  7. Love this post! Shopping may not fix everything, but it usually doesn't make it worse. Glad you ended up with a great lipstick that you love at the end of the day!

  8. Love this post! Always, always buy the lipstick. I think I'll just keep that little nugget of advice tucked away for exactly when I need it. Xo

  9. How rude, man! NO WAY she knows your personality after speaking to your for a 30 seconds- psssh, girl please.

    Plus I think you look great!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. Horrible. That is why I really can't stand people some times. That color looks amazing on you! I hate snooty makeup people.

  11. Love this post + love that lipstick on you!! Sometimes I just really can't believe how some people act, it actually kind of makes me sad, because you never know what someone else may be struggling with. I try to always be kind no matter what for that exact reason! xo


  12. Oh heck no! That is SO rude! Tell someone it might not be the best color with their skin tone or hair color but to say 10 seconds after meeting them that it doesn't fit with your personality? No. Just no. Although ironically enough I had a Mac employee try to talk me out of Candy Yum-Yum too.

  13. Umm, no. Seriously! How rude! I'm so glad you bought the damn lipstick. I feel the same way about shoes! :) xo, Champagne&Suburbs

  14. I remember when you first told me about this lady... what a B****!! Love this post and you rock that color well :)

    xo, Kristina

  15. Wow... The nerve of some people! You showed her haha. But really, so true. The perfect lipstick can make all the difference.

    Sara Kate Styling

  16. Who says that?! Glad you stood strong, bought it and are now rocking it! :)

  17. I love everything about this post. Get it, girl! I'm glad you bought the lipstick. :)

  18. Very well put. Sometimes taking a little time for yourself helps tremendously.


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