Thursday, September 10, 2015

Black + Gray

top: Express, shorts: Bevello, bag: LV, shoes: TJ Maxx (love these), sunnies: Ray-Ban, necklace: Bloomingdale's

Can I start by saying I'm quite possibly the most awkward person when it comes to taking outfit photos? Most of the time, I love the end result and I love being a style blogger, but when I have to shoot in front of people, I feel so awkward. I also run out of things to do with myself.
I have so many ideas before we start, and then it's like I don't even know what to do with my arm or leg. My mom reminded me when I was acting weird with these photos that the people of NYC see so many strange things that they probably dind't even notice me posing on the side of the street with camera in tow. She's probably right, but does anyone else get that way?

I bought these shorts the day before I left for NYC because I went in to Bevello to grab this French Connection top. The plan was for me to wear said top during the trip, but nothing I packed worked with it. I came across this top when mom and I popped into Express and I couldn't resist it. My brother's girlfriend actually has it in an adorable blue, but I ended up choosing the black version. I love the peak-a-boo detail, and I even wore it to work this week, but with a black camisole underneath to hide the skin. I love this shorts + tank combo, and I'll be trying to get a few more wears in before the weather gets cool.

I'm definitely wishing I could be back in this beautiful city - New York City no matter the year is so beautiful to me - but I do have some exciting news... I'm moving back to my hometown in just a short couple of weeks! Things may get crazy around here in the coming days, but I'm excited for a new chapter.

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