Friday, February 20, 2015

Weekending + Links

look to love
With chilly temperatures seeming like they will never end, I'm looking for cold weather inspiration, and I've fallen in love with this cozy + chic look {though I would need about 15 more layers in the snow}.

As of late, fresh flowers have really been brightening up my days. This weekend, pick up some for yourself or for a friend.

let's get some shoes
Can someone please take me on a tropical getaway with these shoes? I came across these in Pinterest, and they're quite a steal, too. I'll take a pair and a pina colada, please and thank you.

Sunday celebrates two special birthdays: my best friend Sarah's and my grandmother's. Though I have to celebrate with the bff from afar {she lives in Oklahoma}, I am excited to see my grandmother and ring in her 73rd birthday. P.S. how delicious does this cake look?

Speaking of my grandmother, I wrote an impromptu post last night that is much more personal than you normally see in these parts. It was on a topic that has been weighing on my heart so heavily that it it sometimes overwhelming, and it was very therapeutic to write it out. It's amazing what a keyboard and a blank page can do for your soul, along with prayers and inspiration.

I'm headed back home again this weekend! Cheers to a wonderful one!
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