Thursday, February 5, 2015

Closet Space

Dream Closet - walk in robe - shoe rack Except I don't have that many shoes

As much as we'd all love to hang onto everything in our wardrobe indefinitely, there comes a time to purge. We purge those items we no longer use from the deep crevices of our closets and dressers so we may free the space for new and better things. Like a new pair of shoes or those clearance boots or maybe even that party dress you've been eyeing. The time has come to live up to that resolution to declutter and what better way than to guide you through my own journey.

When you dig through your closet, you're sure to find several items that you no longer use. Maybe it's because they no longer fit and maybe it was a gift that never even saw the light of day ­ whatever the case, it's time to address the issues. Sort your goods into specific categories to help you properly purge your items. High value goods should be separated from everyday­-type wears. Then, it's simply a matter of giving the items a second life where someone else can enjoy them.

In order to make the most off of your items, you'll want to make sure they're presented in the best light. Run an iron over dressier items and dig through that bowl of buttons on your vanity to replace that sweater button that fell off. A little extra work on your end could net you several extra dollars in the long run. Don't be afraid to point out important details too. Drawing attention to the tags that were never removed on a sweater or the fact that you only wore that designer dress once and had it professionally cleaned could help a reseller ramp up their offer.

High value items like designer handbags, dresses, jewelry, and shoes can be sold at local and online consignment stores. Shop around to find the best deals and find out how the consignment store works. You'll want to find a business that offers quality evaluations and an additional percentage for selling on consignment rather than them purchasing the item outright.

Many online options are available for selling clothing items on consignment. Do your homework and look for reviews from individuals who have used them before. Certain sites are seeking specific brands and you should make sure you're appealing to their demographic. Some sites will even display exactly what they offered to other clients so that you can have a better understanding of what they would offer to you. Remember that labels and condition play huge roles in the valuation of your goods.

Don't buy into hype surrounding online ads or commercials, instead look for trusted sources of information. Look for local sites like that use the blog on their website to showcase interviews or press clippings from local newspapers and television stations. Look for similar (trusted) sources of information from whomever you decide to do business with.

If you have items like children's clothes or maternity wear that you won't be needing anymore, many local consignment stores offer to purchase these items outright. If it's worth it to you, some of these stores will even offer a higher percentage for store credit. Make sure you understand the terms of your consignment before your proceed so that you aren't soured on the experience. Consignment can be a great way to get some money back on your purchase.

Anything that you are unable to sell should be donated to the charity of your choice. It allows you to still purge while providing someone else the opportunity to enjoy your unused items. When all is said and done, you should have some additional space in your closet and hopefully a little less space in your wallet.

I am in desparate need of getting my closet clean and organized, but I have the hardest time getting rid of my things. Any tips or tricks?
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