Friday, October 3, 2014

Home Tour: Bedroom

Slowly but surely, my bedroom is coming together. There are still a few things I am wanting to do -- namely, the blank space behind my bed -- but I was able to do a bedding refresh by swapping out some of my old pillows for some new. And yes, I do have a pillow obsession, which Home Goods does not help.

It's funny to me how much I want my bedroom to look a certain way, because it is just a bedroom. It's where you sleep. But at the same time, I love coming home in the afternoon to a made-up bed complete with lots of pillows and interior design accessories that make the room complete. The idesign passion comes out when I'm constantly thinking of how I can revamp, re-do, add, take away, and the like. One of my favorite pieces in this room? A toss-up between the mirror and the decoupage print -- aside from the pillows, of course.

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