Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Festive

With October already going quickly, my calendar is filling up with fall festivities that I'm wanting to do on the weekends. As it is, my weekends are already filled with family reunions and events {October is that month, after all}, but I'm trying to squeeze in a visit to the pumpkin patch, a haunted adventure, and a few more things.

sweet tooth:
My sweets cravings are more abundant than ever. Every time I walk past the cute little pumpkin easy-bake sugar cookies at the grocery store, I have to resist the urge to buy them. These homemade pumpkin cookies though? I think they'll be hard to resist.

Anyone who knows me knows that Home Goods is my kryptonite. I saw the cutest pumpkin decor that again, I had to resist. But how cute are these DIY gold pumpkins?

fall attire:
This look is what I want to be living in all through fall, especially since it's so chilly out. I's 80 degrees today. But loving this vest from J.Crew.

what to do:
I always love checking out Glitter Guide's things to do on the weekends series. This one is from last week -- but great ideas as always.

scrumptious soup:
I hate to admit that I rarely make homemade soup. Who am I kidding? I never make homemade soup. Campbell's anyone? But as of late, I've been cultivating my cooking skills a little bit more, and this may be the first homemade soup recipe I try! 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with fall festivities!
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