Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Peek Inside

When it comes to my bag, it has way too much in it. These are the things that are in it consistently on a daily basis, but a few other things will slip their way in. I use this big Michael Kors tote for that very reason. Before work, I toss in my bottle of water, a breakfast bar, and a snack, plus anything else I need for the day. It can easily hold a sweater or scarf, making it the perfect bag to take to the office. On the weekends, I switch out to something more fun, but right now, I'm in this same-bag routine during the week -- but I don't hate it.

  • iPhone + phone case -- this goes without saying that this is always in my bag {or on my desk}. 
  • May Designs notebook -- I love how you can personalize these, and though I mainly use it for blog ideas, it's handy for grocery lists and other little memos I need to keep up with.
  • lotion -- I use lotion all throughout the day. If my hands are the slightest bit dry, I can't concentrate, so I keep this readily available no matter the bag.
  • address book -- I love snail mail {both sending and receiving}, so I picked up this little address book to keep in my bag. I have an Erin Condren planner that also has a section for addresses, but because of the size, I don't always tote it with me.
  • Kate Spade wallet -- I picked this up during a surprise sale during the spring and absolutely love it. You can find a similar one here.
  • Rosebud Salve + lip colors -- I always have a few color options for my lips, but my go-to no matter what I put on top is my rosebud salve. I use it for my lips, but it's perfect for dry hands, cuticles, and the like.
  • glasses -- I wear contacts daily, but every so often, my eyes will bother me. I keep my Tory Burch glasses in my bag just in case, and I love the case that they came in.
  • sunglasses -- If I'm driving and it's sunny, I need sunglasses. Usually, I keep more than one pair just in case I happen to take out the other and leave them inside or in the car. 
  • business cards -- I finally purchased business cards for Southern Style, so I now keep them in my bag to share a little bit about the blog details

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