Thursday, August 21, 2014

Snaps in the City


On Thursday evening, I joined my parents in New York City for a long weekend. They had already been there for a few days (my mom and sister for a week!), so I was wanting to cram in a lot of things in just a couple of days so I could catch up. Thursday night, I met them outside a theater where they were seeing Phantom of the Opera, we grabbed some pizza for a late night snack, and we called it a night. I was ready to go explore on Friday morning, and explore, we did.

I've been to NYC quite a few times, but I never seem to tire of it. Granted, I don't think I could live there, but I do love to visit, no matter the season. We tend to frequent the same restaurants and places each time we go, which is why I wished I had a couple more days to try some new things, but I still enjoyed every minute, regardless. Here were a few stops during the weekend:

Rosie O'Grady's
The omelet is delicious. I chose one of the ham&cheese variety, and it was served with french fries. I would also recommend the club sandwich and tomato & spinach bisque. We didn't eat there for dinner this time around, but it's a great option for your evening meal as well.

Benjamin's Steakhouse
Worth the wait! Even with reservations, we waited 40 minutes to be seated. Great steak and fish options, and the mashed potatoes are to die for.

Houndstooth Pub
Get the English Jackets -- the best potato wedge appetizer you will ever eat! After I tried one, I wished I had ordered them for my meal! The burgers are delicious as well. 

Dylan's Candy Bar
So many people have talked about how cute this place was, and though touristy, it was definitely cute. Though waiting for a real table would have been close to an hour wait, we still found a seat right beside the ice cream bar where I helped myself to a very large Birthday Party Sundae. Other desserts were available (think doughnuts and cakes galore). I'm still dreaming about that one. Head downstairs and you'll find a variety of candy options in addition to fondue and a fudge station.

Central Park
Seeing Central Park in the summertime made wish I had an entire day to spend there -- with a book, a picnic, and some great company. It was the absolute perfect day.

We saw Pippin, and to be honest, I was not sure if I would like it at all. It was quite the opposite though -- the story line is unique, and there are a lot of aerial and acrobatic tricks that really add to the show. I think it is worth it to see a show every time you are in the city -- and I would recommend this one. I also would love to see Idina Menzel's new musical If/Then. Next time!

I didn't hit nearly as many stores this time around as I normally do, but this had a lot to do with the fact that I only had two full days there. I did visit Zara, though, and spent way too much time there -- I scored some really great pieces that I can't wait to wear this fall!

Though I love being back home, nothing beats a trip to New York City. If you've never been, I would highly recommend going. It is so easy to immerse yourself in the culture there -- and the hustle and bustle is definitely something everyone should see.
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