Monday, June 30, 2014

Be Back Tomorrow!

#BeautiControl Consultants make it happen everyday!  "Kathy's Day Spa Party"! Skincare, facials masks and make-up techniques!! Booking within the Southern NJ area or start your own Spa Party business, ask me how?

You know when you have a plan for how your week is going to go? Blog posts, social life, work load...all planned out? Well, when you're moving, you should probably throw that all out the window. My lack of internet (which is being installed today) has caused for a lack of uploading all the pictures that were supposed to be in this post. And this has shifted my plans for the week. But that's okay!

Tomorrow, Southern Style will be back in action, but for today, enjoy this little tid-bit from The Glitter Guide. I have work, unpacking, and blogging to do!

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